The Ascent ICE 1 Chest Bug: Is There a Fix?

Photo by Neon Giant

The Ascent's cyberpunk aesthetics and co-op action have garnered it plenty of dedicated fans, but there are some glitches and bugs that have prevented players from enjoying the game to its fullest. Notably, there is a bug that prevents players from accessing ICE chests, even when they've met the requirements to open them. Losing access to loot sucks for everyone, so many players are wondering if there is a way around the bug, and if developer Neon Giant is working to resolve the bug. Here's what we know so far.

The Ascent ICE 1 Chest Bug: Is There a Fix?

Right now, it seems that Neon Giant has patched the ICE 1 bug, and that players are able to open their new chests. The new patch notes from the developer address the change, stating the new patch has, "Fixed issues with PLUG Cyberdeck not cracking ICE 1." So, for players suffering from the bug, installing the newest patch should make a difference.

If you've downloaded the patch, and still can't access ICE 1 chests, it might be time for the tried-and-true methods. First, restart your PC or Xbox, and see whether that makes a difference. If not, going a step further and uninstalling then reinstalling the game might do the trick. If all else fails, contacting Neon Giant or posting on the Steam discussion forums for The Ascent is players' best option.

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