The Quarry Tarot Card Locations: Where to Find All Tarot Cards

Here's a breakdown of where to find all the Tarot Cards in The Quarry.
Here's a breakdown of where to find all the Tarot Cards in The Quarry. / Courtesy of Supermassive Games

In The Quarry, there are 22 secret Tarot Cards for players to collect in order to complete two different achievements/trophies, as well as potentially save their skins later on in their playthroughs.

The 22 Tarot Cards are hidden in various chapters, waiting for players to pick them up and hand them over to the narrator Eliza. Eliza will review one of any potential Tarot Cards found during a particular chapter and provide short, corresponding visions in her crystal ball, potentially guiding players to a better shot at survival or an untimely demise.

For those achievement hunters and strategists out there, here's a breakdown of where to find all the Tarot Cards in The Quarry.

Spoiler warning for the possible plot details ahead, of course.

The Quarry Tarot Card Locations: Where to Find All Tarot Cards

The Tarot Card can be collected simply once they appear on-screen. The game will prompt you to press something to pick it up.


  • The Fool: After Laura steps down to the lower path from where Max was fixing the car, walk up the path away from the camera. After only a few steps, the camera will suddenly shift with the card in sight.

Chapter 1

  • Temperance: Upon entering the Lodge through the window as Jacob, take an immediate right and you'll see the door to the kitchen. The camera will shift and you’ll find the card on the side of some pots.

Chapter 2

  • The Hanged Man: As Nick, choose to take the Rocky Road trail back to the others. The Hanged Man is found by taking a left at the fork in the road, opposite the "falling rocks" path to the right. The camera will cut to the Hanged Man tarot card perched on the rocks above.

Chapter 3

  • The Tower: As Abigail at the start of the chapter, following the short cutscene, keep an eye out for when the camera angle shifts to her side rather than behind her. At that point, turn left to follow the trail that's shown and the card will be high up on the trunk of the tree.
  • The Star: When Jacob enters the boathouse in search of towels, The Star will appear after taking a single step inside, on the side of the wooden post.

Chapter 4

  • The Magician: As you start playing as Emma on the island, immediately turn around and walk to the end of the pier. There will be a brief cutscene as you approach, after which you can go to the very edge. The camera will pan and you’ll find the card on the pole of the dock.
  • Strength: Unlike the other Tarot Cards, Strength appears as part of a cutscene. Just before the group opens the door to the Lodge, be ready to press the Interact button to grab it. You’ll have a quick moment to grab the card before it’s too late.

Chapter 5

  • The Devil: When searching the grounds near the Camp Cabins as Dylan, look for a swing hanging from the big tree in the center of the cabin circle. The Devil is between the swing and the nearby table.
  • The Hermit: Upon reaching the Radio Hut as Dylan, explore the left side of the building. When nearing the large aerial tower, the camera will pan and you’ll discover the card at the base of the tower leg. You can also find the Claw Marks evidence piece as you pass in front of the radio hut.

Chapter 6

  • Justice: After going down the stairs to get off of the boardwalk, proceed to turn left, where the camera will then change perspective. Here you will find the card on the back of a wooden beam that belongs to the walking bridge.
  • The Moon: While exploring the pool house as Abigail, check the bathroom. Near the third shower stall, the camera will pan down and you’ll find the card on the doorframe.

Chapter 7

  • The Chariot: After being scratched by Max as Laura, make your way into the center of the large office area outside the cell block. When walking between the middle desks, the camera will pan to the ceiling and you’ll find the card on a beam.
  • The World: When exploring Laura’s cell, head towards the jail door. The camera will pan and you’ll find the card beneath the bed.

Chapter 8

  • The Lovers: Not long after the scene in which the railing breaks in the Quarry Mine, Laura will come across a small enclave connected to the catwalk.
  • Wheel of Fortune: After removing the boards to clear the way past the cave-in sign, the Wheel of Fortune will appear on your left as you proceed down the main tunnel.
  • The Empress: When entering the Hackett Basement as Ryan, head into the room left of the wooden barrels. You’ll uncover The Empress card when nearing the nearby chair and table that’s not too far from the doorway.
  • The Emperor: Once you've retrieved the Empress, return to the main path and walk straight ahead from where you started. The Emperor can be found on the right as you proceed. If you miss it, you can just walk back and forth again to have the camera switch back to the position.

Chapter 9

  • Death: Once you gain control of Ryan in the room of the Hackett House, walk underneath the chandelier in the center of the room. The camera will pan and show the card on a shelf against the wall.
  • The Sun: When Laura enters the room with the piano, the main path will take you up the stairs. Take in any Clues you find, and when you're ready proceed along the landing to find a room with large windows. When nearing the closest window, the camera will pan and you’ll find The Sun card on the outside of the window.
  • Judgement: In the Scrapyard as Dylan, once you've opened the gate to the main area you'll find several staircases that allow you to climb on top of the shipping containers. Judgment is in the middle of the large group of containers, directly across from the yellow crane.
  • The Hierophant: Playing as Abi, head towards the Storm Shelter stairs. When nearing them, the camera will pan and you’ll discover The Hierophant card. This card will trigger a unique cutscene with Eliza. Be sure to note as well that picking up this card will forfeit any readings for all previously found cards in Chapter 9.

Chapter 10

  • The High Priestess: As Kaitlyn, take the stairs by the bedroom with the bunk beds to the third floor. On this floor, head left towards the windows. The camera will pan towards the roof, where you’ll find the card on a beam.

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