Top 5 Annoying Apex Legends Metas of All Time

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

The top five annoying Apex Legends metas of all time are considered the type of weapons that are so good in-game that it ruins your day. Those weapons that players didn’t even see, but end up dead a second later because of them, or even those weapons that are too overpowered which gets irritating when players do use them because it spoils the fun. These weapons are so good that they can annoy any player to rage quit Apex.

Top 5 Annoying Apex Legends Metas of All Time

Thinking about the top five most annoying meta weapons in Apex Legends, there are quite a few. but the five that make the list are as follows:

G7-Scout - Season 3

As one of the most versatile weapons, it became apparent that this weapon would become quite an annoyance with its double-tap trigger and increased damage, when in the year after its buffs were made, there were major nerfs to the weapon as it had dominated on maps at the time, especially with its spamming capabilities.

L-Star - Season 10

The L-Star Energy LMG is a world drop item that is great at super close-range shots. Initially designed as a high-DPS care package exclusive when it was released in Season 2, it blitzes its enemies effectively, and even though there is a learning curve with its overheating feature and recoil pattern, once mastered, this weapon can be extremely frustrating to go up against as many state they can’t even see their opponent when using it.

Wingman - Season 0

This heavy pistol has been known as a heavy hitter since the beginning of Apex when in Season 0 and even till Season 10 has high damage with every shot, as well as a headshot multiplier. This weapon can be quite dangerous against opponents once improving aim, especially with the boosted loader hop-up, which gives the wingman a faster reload speed and a higher magazine capacity. As some players may think the wingman can be more accurate than any other gun, becoming quite bothersome if a player is constantly getting hit with it.

Charge Rifle - Season 5

This sniper rifle had a bigger appearance around Season 5, and both casual and pro players utilized its EVO Charge. But not just that, it is also extremely ammo efficient and has an interesting hip fire that a lot of players don’t want to deal with, as its aim may go everywhere, the dispersed area of damage is what is the most irritating feature of this weapon, especially if one beams players from a 100 meters away and manages to hip fire them.

Mastiff - Season 7

Becoming a regular loot shotgun, this close-ranged weapon can be detrimental even with its unique horizontal line spread pattern, which makes it almost purposeful to miss some of your shots. But with its high damage impact, this weapon can be a beast, especially in Season 7, with 13 damage per bullet, so it was particularly hard to avoid this gun in a close-range fight.