3 Best Weapons in Apex Legends History

The Wingman in Apex Legends
The Wingman in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

What are the best weapons in Apex Legends History?

Apex legends has had 10 seasons to evolve as a game and during that time a great deal has changed. New weapons have been added, older hop-ups have been rotated out for newer ones, new legends made their debut and maps have changed dramatically. Many of these additions were nearly perfectly tuned for the game, but some wound up being overpowered to say the least.

Best Weapons in Apex Legends History

Please note that care package weapons are excluded from this list and these weapons are in no particular order as they were all ridiculously strong.

The Alternator with Disruptor Rounds - Season 2

Season 10 features the Alternator with Disruptor Rounds in the care package, but it is incredibly tame compared to what it used to be. In Season 2 Disruptor Rounds would give the alternator a 55% damage increase against shielded opponents and was much easier to find because it was ground loot. To make matters worse, the Hammer-point hop-up, which dealt extra damage to unshielded targets, was also available in Season 2. Essentially players would have a weapon that dealt massive damage to shields and also a weapon that did massive damage to unshielded opponents. The Alternator Disruptor Rounds combination was so absurdly strong that Respawn removed it from the game the following season and kept it out of the game until Season 10, longer than any other hop-up.

The Mastiff in Season 7

In Season 7 the Mastiff was one of three shotguns available as ground loot. With the Peacekeeper being in the care package, players had the choice of the Mastiff, the Eva-8 or the Mozambique, but at the time the correct answer was always the Mastiff. The Mastiff has always had a reliable spread pattern, but prior to the Chaos Theory town takeover in Season 8 the Mastiff did an impressive 13 damage per pellet. This made the Mastiff capable of downing most enemies in 2 shots if all of the pellets hit their target. The Mastiff was so prevalent in Season 7's meta that memes began circulating the internet referring to Apex Legends as "Mastiff Legends."

The Wingman in Season 0

The wingman is still considered one of the best weapons in Apex Legends, but it used to be even stronger. In the preseason of Apex Legends, the Wingman had a tighter hip-fire spread, a much faster fire rate, and a maximum magazine size of 12. But what made the Wingman truly broken in its original form was the extra damage it received from Skullpiercers. The Skullpiercer hop-up rewarded headshot accuracy with bonus damage. Originally the damage multiplier with Skullpiercers was 2.5x, but that was very quickly deemed ridiculous because it enables the wingman to clear entire squads with a single magazine.