5 Best Changes in Apex Legends Season 10

Seer — the newest Legend in Season 10.
Seer — the newest Legend in Season 10. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

When Apex Legends Season 10 dropped earlier this month it brought a huge amount of content with it. There were map changes, a new legend, weapon balance changes, a new hop-up and a handful of quality of life changes. Not every addition was immediately welcomed by players, but some changes are nearly universally loved.

5. Fuse Buffs

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Since his initial release in season 8, Fuse has been stuck in an awkward spot. His explosive kit and grenade-heavy playstyle is wildly different from other Legends, and he's incredibly fun to play, but he never felt strong enough to compete with the rest of the cast. In Season 10, however, Fuse received a little love from the developers in the form of a buff to his Knuckle Cluster tactical ability. The multiple explosions that the Knuckle Cluster causes now last twice as long, making them a much stronger area denial tool. This also means it can deal close to 70 damage if the enemy refuses to run, which is a big deal for a game focused heavily on gun play rather than damaging character abilities.

4. Rampage LMG

The New Rampage LMG.
The New Rampage LMG. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

The Rampage LMG is a new heavy weapon added with Season 10 that immediately captured players' attention. It has a very slow fire rate compared to other weapons, but hits pretty hard at 28 damage per body shot. This makes the Rampage dangerous at long range engagements without having it be too oppressive in close quarters. It also gives players a reason to carry thermite grenades, as they can use them to charge the Rampage. While "revved up," the Rampage shoots faster and has the ability to shoot down doors for a limited number of shots.

3. Prowler Returns to Ground Loot

The Prowler in Season 10.
The Prowler in Season 10. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

The Prowler burst SMG was removed from the care package and returned to standard ground loot in Season 10. This weapon is commonly regarded as one of the best in the game, and though it doesn't return with the revered Select Fire mod, the Prowler is still a scary gun to fight against. The prowler does intimidating damage, but its true power is in its hip-fire. When firing without aiming down the weapon's sights, it has unparalleled consistency. Respawn already nerfed the Prowler earlier this season, but given the gun's continued prevalence it may receive another.

2. Alternator in the Care Package

The Alternator in Season 10
The Alternator in Season 10. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

With the Prowler coming out of the care package there was room for another SMG to take its place. The Alternator was added to the rare weapons crate, and received huge buffs as a result. The Alternator was given the Disruptor Rounds hop up, which hasn't been in play since Season 2. Disruptor Rounds increase shield damage by 40%, which is less than their Season 2 damage, but still enough to make a huge difference. On shielded opponents the Alternator will do 22 damage per body shot and then 16 damage for every body shot on unshielded opponents.

1. Lava Siphon

New Lava Siphon Area of World's Edge.
New Lava Siphon Area of World's Edge. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Lava Siphon is a new area added to the World's Edge map. The new point of interest replaces Sorting Factory and introduces new gondolas that zip from one side of Lava Siphon to the other. Lava Siphon is enormous, has good loot and is generally a good place to drop to find quick fights as well.