Top 5 Most Annoying Warzone Metas of All Time

Here are the top five most annoying Warzone metas of all time.
Here are the top five most annoying Warzone metas of all time. / Image courtesy of Activision

In general, Warzone can be a rage-inducing game to play. However, it's pretty much undeniable that at some points more than others, there were weapons that made it nearly unplayable. Here are the top five most annoying Warzone metas of all time.

Top 5 Most Annoying Warzone Metas of All Time

5. MG 82 in Season 4 (BOCW)

A gun that somehow lasted about a week without getting a nerf after the launch of Season 4, the MG 82 was as close as players got to using a Wonder Weapon in Verdansk. With at least 90 rounds in its magazine, the MG 82 had the best TTK in the game at the time along with zero recoil, regardless of players had it equipped in their custom loadouts or simply found them as ground loot.

4. R9-0 Shotgun Dragon's Breath Rounds in Season 6 (MW)

With its ability to down a fully armored opponent with just two shots, there's a reason players referred to it as simply the "doof doof." Losing a gunfight to this shotgun felt so broken especially knowing that there was practically zero effort needed to use it. The damage was insane, the range was extraordinary, and the fire rounds added damage over time meaning there was no way to use movement to outplay those using it.

3. .357 Akimbo Snakeshots in Season 3 (MW)

The .357 Akimbo Snakeshot loadout is the reason why weapons like the Double Barrel and Top Break are relevant to this day. At the time, this was the first instance in Warzone where a secondary redefined how a majority of players set up their loadouts. With the ability to not only grab Ghost off the bat and run much faster than most, the Snakeshots were completely broken up close.

2. AUG in Season 2 (BOCW)

With the ability to literally one-burst fully armored players at range with just body shots, the Black Ops Cold War AUG was the overpowered burst weapon ever seen in Warzone history. Getting shot from out of nowhere in Warzone is already one of the worst things in gaming. Getting shot from out of nowhere by someone using an AUG at the time was an automatic death.

1. DMR 14 in Season 1 (BOCW)

The DMR 14 tactical rifle was so overpowered at the time that players in the community started calling the game DMRzone. Even with full plates, the DMR 14 was a two-shot kill to the head at practically all ranges. With stopping power rounds, it was a one-shot kill the head. If you weren't using a DMR 14 or a Type 63, you stood no chance in Verdansk at the time. It practically became the default weapon that every player was using for far too long.