Tribes of Midgard Fenrir Boss Guide: How to Beat Fenrir

In the thick of things during the Fenrir fight
In the thick of things during the Fenrir fight / Norsfell Games and Gearbox

Tribes of Midgard Fenrir boss guide happens to be an essential guide to make in terms of your needed preparedness. Here's everything you need to know to take down the Norse's big bad wolf.

Tribes of Midgard Fenrir Boss Guide: How to Beat Fenrir

Fenrir is the final boss of Saga Mode, a quest and progression focused game mode.

Whether you are by yourself, or with up to nine others, knowing what you must do to take down Tyr's worst enemy is essential.

How to Locate Fenrir

Keep exploring the map and eventually, you will come across a broken bridge. While it's not a goal in the early or mid-game to repair the bridge, finding it whenever will let you keep note of it where the bridge is for when you eventually do repair it. There's a fast travel point just before the broken bridge.

You must gather these materials to repair the bridge:

  • 2,500 Souls - The basic currency of the game: kill enemies and gather materials to gather these. You lose all souls on death, though!
  • 50 Cut Stone - You generate Cut Stone passively from rebuilding the quarry, or by purchasing any amount from the Tinker NPC in the village once upgraded to level 3. You may also exchange raw materials with the NPC in the wild, Reginn the Enchanter for some cut stone
  • 30 Wrought Iron - Generated from the quarry just like Cut Stone, can also be obtained from the Tinker NPC, and Reginn the Enchanter.
  • 10 Ancient Core - Dropped by slaying Jotnar mobs.

Once you have repaired the bridge, cross it into the Glacial Peaks. To gain access to Fenrir's lair, you must spend some of the Fragments you have collected over the course of your game. These include Hideout Fragments among others.

To open Fenrir's lair you'll need:

  • 15 Jotunn Fragments
  • 5 Hideout Fragments
  • 50 Event Fragments
  • 25 Quest Fragments

Defeating Fenrir

Once inside the lair, keep in mind that unlike many other enemies in Tribes of Midgard, Fenrir has no specific weakness to any given element or type of damage. Either way, approach the Gjöll Boulder, spawning Fenrir and beginning the boss fight.

Fenrir has a whopping 180,000 HP, so bring all the best rare and epic gear and potions to ensure you as strong as possible to take down the Norse God-beast.

Although Fenrir can prove to be a challenge, many of his attacks, once learned, are predictable. Attacks like his Earthquake and Ferocious Bite are plainly telegraphed, meaning you just need a little bit of trial-and-error to take down Fenrir for good.

Weapons like Bows or Brennalfar Amber weapons like the Muspelheim Maul's active ability can serve to be useful to take down Fenrir given their ability to outrange him. Fenrir's attacks leave him open for lots of damage after the fact, so find those windows of opportunity where Fenrir is readying himself for the next attack.

Rewards for Slaying Fenrir

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The Wolf Saga rewards screen, big ticket items you will receive for beating Fenrir once, five times, and ten times. / Norsfell Games and Gearbox

Loot from Fenrir himself will net you nice items like Ancient Cores, large bones, werewolf fangs, and vines. Additionally, the picture above seen under "Saga Challenges" shows unique rewards you will earn for beating Fenrir once, five times, and ten times. Don't worry: if you are partied up, everyone gets one of these rewards for their own, so long as they participated in the fight against Fenrir.