Twitch Streamer BlessRNG Responds to Abuse Accusations

BlessRNG on a recent stream.
BlessRNG on a recent stream. / Courtesy of BlessRNG

Amid a wave of accusations about gender-based misconduct in the video game content creation scene, an anonymous former partner of Brad "BlessRNG" Jolly accused him of abusing and harassing her in a TwitLonger posted Monday.

The former partner, posting under the username @NotBraveOnMain, detailed a pattern of interactions in which BlessRNG would initiate contact, physical or otherwise, that she had explicitly forbid. She said this went on for several months because both parties worked in the gaming content creation space and would frequently see one another at events.

"Every event I know he will be at, I reach out to organizers asking to ensure we are not put together," she wrote.

In his response, BlessRNG admitted that many of the actions she described were accurate, but claimed the abuse had gone both ways in the relationship. He also wrote he had been attending therapy for a year and a half and taking medication for an unstated amount of time.

BlessRNG went on to exhort his followers to hold each other and other content creators accountable.

"To those of you that immediately blocked me - I'm proud of you," he wrote. "You're stamping out abuse. Some say it's cancel culture, because people need to defend themselves (much like I am doing here) but I say keep doing this. I hold no ill will to any of you - and hope that through ACTION not just words I can show that I want very much for noone [sic] to be abused ever again."

BlessRNG's employer, the app developer Kanga, fired him Monday.

"Brad's actions are unacceptable and do not reflect our culture nor support our mission to build the best products & community in gaming," the company said in its statement.

BlessRNG retweeted the statement, saying he bore the company no ill will.

In a second TwitLonger, BlessRNG's former partner accused him of manipulating his audience to gain sympathy.

"You are twisting this to gain sympathy and save face, knowing that you touched me inappropriately, several times after I repeatedly reminded you that it was not appropriate - something you admit freely," she wrote.

"I'm glad you're doing better, but I won't ever accept your apology."

BlessRNG was one of more than 70 content creators accused of gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual assault over the past several days, as a flood of women stepped forward both publicly and anonymously to share their own experiences. Other prominent figures accused of misconduct include Jose Antonio "Angry Joe" Vargas, Ryan "Cryaotic" Terry and Tom "Syndicate" Cassell.