V Rising Matka the Curse Weaver: How to Beat

Here's a breakdown of how to find and defeat Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising.
Here's a breakdown of how to find and defeat Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising. / Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

Wondering how to take out Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising? We've got you covered.

in V Rising, there are 37 different V Blood Bosses scattered all around Vardoran for players to find, take down, and loot. Each has plenty of rewards for players to use and upgrade gear or learn new powers from. Here's a breakdown of how to find and defeat Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising.

V Rising Matka the Curse Weaver Location

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Matka the Curse Weaver is one of six V Blood Bossed that can be found in the Cursed Forest, specifically in the western part in the Nest of the Curse Weaver where the swamp is.

How to Beat Matka the Curse Weaver

Keep in mind that at level 72, Matka is one of the toughest bosses in the game and will only be worth taking on once players have spent some time playing to say the least.

Since the battle will occur outdoors, players will want to time it when the sun isn’t going to become a factor and make things more difficult.

There are six attacks that players should aware of when fighting Matka:

  • Mosquito Summon: Matka summons two mosquitoes that are slow, but do dash attacks.
  • Exploding ground: Matka casts a spell-like ability that causes the ground to erupt with green energy.
  • Energy Vollies: Matka shoots seven energy balls from its staff, which spread out and cover a good range.
  • Homing Energy Attack: Matka uses its staff and causes an energy attack to follow players from underground. If the attack connects, it causes multiple Exploding Ground attacks.
  • Four Homing Energy Attack: Similar to the Homing Energy attack except it launches in four different directions at the same time.
  • Mosquito Explode: The mosquitoes Matka spawned earlier will try to attack players by exploding near them.

After bringing down Matka the Curse Weaver, players will unlock the Unstable Mosquito ability, which gives players a mosquito companion that will chase an enemy and explode after a second. It deals 60% magic damage in an area and inflicts amplify that increases damage taken by 25% for five seconds.

Additionally, players will unlock the Schematic recipe, which can be used at the Paper Press to do research and potentially unlock recipes for gear and other items.

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