Valheim Biome Progression: What You Can Find in Each Biome

Explore the meadows of Valheim and other biomes.
Explore the meadows of Valheim and other biomes. / Photo Courtesy of Iron Gate

Valheim is home to many biomes and regions that you can progress to by yourself or with friends. This guide will explain each biome currently explorable in the tenth Norse world.

There are currently nine biomes to explore in Valheim, each offering you resources and enemies to ravage and explore throughout your travels.

1. Meadows Biome

At the start of every Valheim game, solo or multiplayer, your player begins in the Meadows, You'll have access to the grasslands, forests, nearby rivers and the beaches. Basic resources like flint and wood are a plenty as you are just beginning the game, and you can find food such as mushrooms and berries plenty.

You may encounter a few enemies such as greylings and the greydwarf, with the final boss in the area being Eikthyr, who you'll be able to summon and defeat later. Utilize all the resources at your disposal early and learn the game.

2. Black Forest Biome

Up next is the Black forest Biome, which shares forest space with the beginning meadows biome you spawn in. Here the trees are larger and denser in size, and darkness is around every corner rather than the brightness of the meadows.

The Elder and his subjects in the Black Forest
Battle the Elder, a large, tree-like creature in the black forest biome / Photo Courtesy of Iron Gate

Valheim Biome Progression: What You Can Find in Each Biome

More resources such as copper and tin await you in the forests, as well as stronger versions of greydwarfs, accompanied by skeletons and even trolls. The skeletons guard burial chambers, which contain surtling cores, which are used to craft new gear.

The boss for this biome is The Elder, a large, threatening creature that resembles a tree.

3. Mountain Biome

Near the black forest, you can usually find the mountainous region, which is cold and highly elevated. This biome brings you the freezing effect, so make sure you have warm clothes or frost resistance potions in your inventory.

You will encounter drakes in the skies or Wolves on the mountains, who can help provide warm armor with their furs. These enemies stand in between you and the silver you can find in the biome, which is extremely valuable in Valheim.

The boss in this region is Moder, a ice-dragon who is extremely tough to defeat without a good bow and arrows.

4. Swamp Biome

The swamps are where you'll find iron, another valuable resource in Valheim. Enemies here include the undead draugr, blobs, and leeches. The boss to summon in the swamps is Bonemass, a large, slime-based creature who can inflict poison.

5. Ocean Biome

The ocean biome can be of course found in the oceans around Valheim. You'll have to learn how to sail to traverse the waters, and here you can find serpents to battle and the friendly leviathans.

6. Plains Biomes

In the plains you'll find large hills and rock foundations, home to Fuling villages, where these goblin like creatures set up to live. Large lox also can be found here, and the plains have a deathsquito problem that you should definitely attempt to stay clear of.

The Plains is the location of the boss Yagluth, King of the Fulings.

7. Mistlands Biome

The Mistlands are spider-web-infested woods on the edges of Valheim. Currently, in early development, there aren't any specific enemies or bosses in the Mistlands just yet.

8. Deep North Biome

The Deep North Biome is a brutally cold set of islands in Valheim. Currently in early development, there aren't any specific enemies or bosses in the Deep North just yet.

9. Ashlands Biome

The ashlands are a fiery set of islands in Valheim currently in early development. There aren't and specific resources, enemies or boss battles available here yet.