Valheim Needle Arrow: How to Craft

Valheim Needle Arrow how to craft
Valheim Needle Arrow how to craft / Photo by Iron Gate Studio

In Valheim, Needle Arrows can be an important part of your arsenal when surviving in the unforgiving Viking wilderness. Needle Arrows are more deadly than Obsidian Arrows but can be a bit of a hassle to craft. This is because of their main ingredients: Needles.

Finding Needles may sound simple enough, but the only way to obtain them is by killing Deathsquitos. Deathsquitos are giant mosquitos that roam the Plains biome in Valheim. They are swift predators that could once take out a player with one attack without being noticed before they were nerfed to be weaker and make more noise. More information on Deathsquitos can be found on Valheim's wiki.

Valheim Needle Arrow: How to Craft

Crafting Needle Arrows requires only two ingredients: Needles and Feathers. Feathers are dropped by any bird that you can hunt, while Needles can only be found by killing Deathsquitos. Here are the ingredients for crafting Needle Arrows:

  • Four Needles
  • Two Feathers

While it doesn't take many items to craft Needle Arrows, obtaining four Needles can be a hard-fought task. Despite the nerfs, Deathsquitos are still formidable foes that can take a player out in little time. They also tend to travel in small groups and can quickly overwhelm a player with just two or three individuals.

Deathsquitos can be found hovering around the Plains biome and are usually heard before they are seen. The easiest way to kill them is to shoot them with arrows as they are flying towards you. Make sure that your aim is on point, as one miscue can lead to a grisly demise.

Once you have four Needles and two Feathers, you can craft the Needle Arrows at a Workbench. Though they are dangerous to acquire, they are powerful weapons with higher Pierce and Knockback than other arrows. For players who are brave enough to take on the Deathsquitos, the Needle Arrows are a welcoming reward.

Valheim is currently in its early access phase and is exclusively available on Steam. With over five million users in just over a month after release, Valheim is already making plans to better their immensely popular game.