Valorant Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle: Skins, Prices, Release Date

Here's a breakdown of the new Kohaku & Matsuba bundle coming soon to Valorant in Episode 5 Act 2.
Here's a breakdown of the new Kohaku & Matsuba bundle coming soon to Valorant in Episode 5 Act 2. / Image courtesy of Riot Games

The Kohaku & Matsuba bundle is the first cosmetics line coming to Valorant in Episode 5 Act 2, Riot Games announced Tuesday.

For those looking to keep their Valorant inventories fresh with the latest drip, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Kohaku & Matsuba collection.

Valorant Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle: Skins

With Valorant Champions 2022 still very much in the midst of its run, it is perhaps no surprise that content for the general game has slowed a bit in recent weeks. Patch 5.04 didn't change much at all gameplay-wise, while 5.05 is projected to be a minor update as well.

Thankfully, however, it appears players will be getting a new skin line to mull over, in addition to the limited-edition Champions 2022 bundle that remains in the Store for now.

The guns included in this bundle are the Operator, Phantom, Judge and Classic.

As shown in gameplay clips of the new offerings, it does appear that this bundle will be a bit more on the "budget" side of things, in the Deluxe tier.

Fitting in with its tranquil theme, this skin line does not feature any over-the-top VFX or SFX, but instead is headlined by its two koi fish art designs.

Perhaps the star of the show, however, is the new Equilibrium melee, which is set to be the first fan released in Valorant since the Celestial Fan in February 2021.

Valorant Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle: Prices

Here is how much VP each of the offerings in the Kohaku & Matsuba collection will go for.

  • Kohaku & Matsuba Operator: 1,275 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Phantom: 1,275 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Judge: 1,275 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Classic: 1,275 VP
  • Equilibrium: 2,550 VP (Free with bundle)
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Buddy: 475 VP (Free with bundle)
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Card: 375 VP (Free with bundle)
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Spray: 325 VP (Free with bundle)
  • Entire bundle: 5,100 VP

Valorant Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle: Release Date

The new Kohaku & Matsuba set will officially be released in Valorant's in-game Store on Thursday, Sept. 8, at 5 p.m. ET.

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