Valorant Patch 1.07 Introduces Major Nerf to Sage

A significant amount of changes were implemented in patch 1.07
A significant amount of changes were implemented in patch 1.07 | Photo by Riot Games

Significant changes were made in Valorant Patch 1.07, including changes to Sage, Viper, Sova and Breach, as well as the first updates to Killjoy since her release in late July. Players will also see changes to all shotguns and the Vandal, as well as some VFX changes and quality of life improvements.

Valorant Patch 1.07 Introduces Major Nerf to Sage


Coming right out the gate Sage is receiving a bit of a retool. Sage has become a necessary pick for competitive teams with her monopoly on healing but the changes implemented in the patch are looking to change that up. Her heals per second on both team and self healing have been significantly reduced.

Her Slow Orb has also been decreased in size requiring more precise aim. the cost of her Barrier Orb has been decreased but it now takes three seconds for it to reach maximum strength decreasing its reactive utility. Some aggressive changes but her ultimate and healing ability will likely still make her a top pick until a new healer is introduced.


Killjoy's changes are a bit more of a mixed bag. Her Nanoswarm has been debuffed, now needing a wind up before it does damage, which has been reduced, and being easier to spot and hear. On the other hand, her Turret has been given a buff to accuracy and now can no longer be spotted by Sova's Recon Bolt.


Viper is once again receiving a series of buffs to try to get her up to the level where she's competitive with other Agents. Toxic Screen can now be placed during buy mode and goes up faster, allowing her a bit more time to get things set up to coral the enemy team, the Decay effect on her Smoke abilities no longer effects allies, and Viper's Pit will now show up on the mini map for her team. The changes seem to be geared towards giving her a bit more utility as a team player, so that her ability to control the enemy team can benefit her allies a bit more.


Breach will be receiving a few needed buffs as well. Riot Games also suggested in the patch notes that they have more planned for the future but wanted to roll them out slowly. Flashpoint will now have more charges, a faster cooldown and better effect off-screen, delay between blasts during Rolling Thunder has been decreased, and concussion will now de-scope players and prevent them from rescoping.


Nothing too big here, just an update to cape physics so it doesn't stray too far outside his hitbox and an increase in hand fidelity.


The aim punch on all shotguns has been lowered for headshots. Tagging has also been tuned for shots made further than 10m away from the target. Fall off range for the Shorty has been decreased and its hit multiplier has been brought back inline with the Judge and Bucky. Price has been increased for Judge. Vandal has received an increase in both damage and firing rate.

Photo by Riot Games

Match Remakes

Under certain circumstances, players can end the match early and re-queue. If a match starts 4-v-5 or a player disconnects before or during the first match, players can end and re-queue by typing /remake in chat. If all players on the team that called the remake vote to abandon the match they will be able to leave with out penalty.


Hit VFX have been changed to equalize players using blood and sparks and make hit location more clear without obscuring the enemy player. For more information, check out the full patch notes here.