Valorant Patch 3.12: 3 Things We Don’t Want

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant’s Patch 3.12 will be released around Dec. 7. With the change of schedule due to Valorant developers needing a break, it begs the question of what to expect of this new patch. Previously, we discussed what we would like to see in the upcoming update. This time, let’s highlight what fans continue to support, by looking at three things that players don't want to see changed in Valorant Patch 3.12.

Valorant Patch 3.12: 3 Things We Don’t Want

1. Making Agents Overpowered

One thing players will always compliment Riot on is creating a nice balance between the agents. Valorant recently saw the addition of new agent, Chamber. Some of his abilities seem overpowered, like his teleportation which has drawn comparisons to Yoru’s ability. Despite this, many players will be determined to remind Riot of their unique ability to be fair when creating each agent. 

2. Chamber

As the latest agent to grace the game, Chamber is currently the talk of the town, both with his pros and cons. But even though his ability of teleportation may take away from Yoru’s similar ability, players are quite happy with this new addition. His hybridity between a duelist and a sentinel makes him stand out amongst other agents. Even though he isn’t the first with unique characteristics, he definitely is more noticeable because of it.

3. Don’t Change Agents

When selecting an agent to play in a match, players tend to pick their agent based on personal suitability. Be it because of their stopping power, their smoke proficiency, or overall team-friendly abilities, there could be many reasons why fans root for one agent over the other.

Until a drastic update, or the debut of new additions like Chamber, players will only then start to comment on the need for balance within the agents, nerfing or buffing certain abilities. But overall, with the already established agents like Astra, Viper, and even Sage, many players don’t want much to change; they like their agents, and the game, the way it is.