Vertigo CS:GO: New Changes Added in Latest Patch Notes

Vertigo CS:GO changes went live in the game's latest patch.

Valve has included various changes to Vertigo as a part of their new patch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Wednesday that change up many crucial locations throughout the map.

Here are the new changes to Vertigo that have been added in the latest patch notes to CS:GO.

Vertigo CS:GO: New Changes Added in Latest Patch Notes

One general change made to Vertigo is improved overall visibility, as interior lights have been brightened so players are more visible next to walls or darker objects. Several boxes on both bombsites have been recolored to contrast better with player models.

A notable decision Valve has made in the update was simplifying mid. The door leading to CT spawn has been removed along with other geometry making the area much more clearer.

T-side strategies sometimes use mid to split towards either A-site or B-site. These changes make taking control of mid much less confusing and straightforward as players no longer have to worry about CTs suddenly peeking through the door.

Changes to A-Site

A-site has received a large amount of significant changes in the patch on Wednesday. Various adjustments have been made to the different entrances to the site, with one of the CT entrances from mid being closed off completely, the bottom of the ramp is now slightly more narrow, and cover from the now-removed entrance has been moved to the other entrance from elevator room.

Other changes include a new side path that has been introduced, gives a new way access to the site for the T-side. The wooden-fence that previously gave view to ramp from the bombsite has been closed off, and the double-stack of crates on the site has been widened, adding additional cover for Ts attempting to plant the bomb or for CTs to hide behind. The scaffolding leading from ramp has been widened a fair amount and now leads to the new side path.

These changes to A-site in particular seem to be aimed at making taking A-site much less awkward for Ts than its previous iteration, as they no longer have to worry about CTs looking down on them from in between the wood fence while they attempted to get up ramp. The addition of the side path also offers a new way to tackle the site without requiring a boost, and is a perfect spot to throw smokes or other nades for a more effective hit to the actual bombsite.

The pesky forklift has also been removed from ramp, making gun-fights in this part of the map much less aggravating. How about we do the same for de_cache, FMPONE?

Changes to B-Site

Vertigo's B-site did not receive as much changes as other parts of the map, but did see the entrance from CT spawn widened, making it much less awkward to enter the site for re-takes or splits, especially when trying to do so with multiple teammates.

Valve also modified the skill jump between CT-spawn and B-site, which includes the addition of short railing to both ends of the outer walkway that wraps around the site to prevent players from walking off the edges.

This was probably done so this won't happen as often anymore:

Overall, the changes to Vertigo seem to be making the map easier to understand for those that are unfamiliar with the general layout of the map among general improvements that make gameplay on the map much more streamlined.

Professional teams like Team Liquid and Astralis have been using the map as their playground for the past few months, showing off clever strategies and adaptations, proving the map deserves to remain the in the pool. Although, the abnormal map-pick has failed to entice most of the CS:GO player base away from more typical maps like Mirage or Dust II.

Hopefully the changes made to the map in the recent CS:GO patch will convince players to finally give Vertigo a try.

The full list of the changes made to de_vertigo can be found on the official Counter-Strike blog.

Photo Courtesy of Valve