Warzone Buyback Price Reduced in Season 3 Reloaded Update

"We want to support players being able to get back into the game."
"We want to support players being able to get back into the game." / Image courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone Classified Arms Reloaded has officially arrived, bringing with it a ton of interesting gameplay and weapon balancing changes as Raven Software and co. continue the push to make the battle royale experience as fresh and fun as possible.

In its patch notes for the midseason update, Raven identified three main principles that motivated its decision-making in the changes it decided to bring to the game. One of them was "more playtime," which promotes the idea that players should spend more time playing and less time spectating.

As part of this push, in addition to Gulag Entry Tokens and Redeploy Tokens being introduced, as well as the death tax being adjusted to be more forgiving, the longtime staple buyback price has been decreased from $4,000 to $3,000.

"Warzone has always been a leader in second chance mechanics and we wanted to further develop this aspect of Warzone to improve the chances of a successful mid-to-late game regain," Raven's patch notes post reads.

"We want to support Players being able to get back into the game. We felt that $4,000 was an often unattainable cost, especially at $12,000 for a full squad in Quads. This slight reduction should provide more chances for Players to more readily get back to a full squad.

Ultimately, this seems like a fair choice considering most of the player base consists of those with lower K/Ds.

The counterargument could be that this makes the game more casual, and an experience closer to a respawn multiplayer mode than a battle royale mode though.

In addition to simply reducing the costs of buybacks, however, Raven has also made a pair of quality-of-life changes to make buying back teammates even easier.

In the new expanded squad HUD, players will notice that an icon will appear when player buyback costs are met.

Additionally, the Buy Station interface will prioritize dead squad members by listing them first.

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