Warzone Player Gets Killed by 'Instant Death' Bug After Winning Gulag

"Is this the updated version of the 'spawn outside of map' bug?"
"Is this the updated version of the 'spawn outside of map' bug?" / Image courtesy of Activision

From one glitch dropping winners way beyond the boundary of the safe zone, to another causing a player to die by a leftover Claymore from a previous fight, it's fairly safe to say that the Gulag has been no stranger to having issues in Call of Duty: Warzone.

In Season 3, a Warzone player recently discovered a fatal glitch in the Gulag system where it appears the all-new Caldera Hold simply ends games regardless of if they won or not. Check out this bug encountered by Reddit user u/I_AM_THE_SEB.

On May 16, I_AM_THE_SEB posted a thread to the Warzone subreddit titled, "New instant death bug after Gulag win?!"

As can be seen clearly in the 15-second clip, despite besting their opponent and getting the rite of passage back to Caldera, I_AM_THE_SEB's run just ends abruptly despite there being a whopping 47 players left in the lobby.

Talk about unlucky.

A signature trademark of Warzone, players who die in Verdansk before late-game are taken to the Gulag where they can fight 1v1 with another player for redeployment.

In Season 3, Raven Software even noted that they implemented redeploy positioning improvements for Gulag winners in that they will now spawn in close proximity to their squad or Loadout.

Of course, this bug is something that appears to be a rare, isolated incident at the moment, so hopefully, this doesn't become a trend in the season moving forward.

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