Warzone Player Remakes Verdansk in Minecraft

"The map is nowhere near being finished but I like how it's coming out so far."
"The map is nowhere near being finished but I like how it's coming out so far." / Mojang Studios, Miffydsi

With it being about a year since Verdansk was last playable in Call of Duty, it appears one fan has begun taking it upon themself to bring back the iconic map — remade entirely in Minecraft.

Becoming ingrained in the hearts of Warzone players from March 2020 to December 2021, the original Kastovian city map remains out of service for the time being. Since its removal, COD players have seen the introductions of Caldera, Fortune's Keep, and Al Mazrah, along with what seems to be an all-new Resurgence map on the horizon for Warzone 2.0.

Despite these new offerings, it seems the void left by Verdansk's removal just hasn't been able to replaced, until now.

With a post on the Warzone subreddit titled, "when you miss verdansk, and decide to start creating it in minecraft," Miffydsi revealed that they have begun remaking the entire OG Warzone map themselves.

Per Miffydsi, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done as it is nowhere close to a finished product. However, it is impressive to see how much work they've already put into the project.

As seen in the screenshots, parts of Stadium and Downtown can be seen remade in Minecraft's signature pixelated blocks.

In the comments, several users commended Miffydsi on their progress so far and encouraged them to make it public once it's finished. Miffydsi revealed that they've been working on it alone for nearly five months and that they would be interested in hiring people to help build it, as well as host a battle royale event on it down the line.

Ultimately, it would be quite a sight to see if Miffydsi manages to finish the project.

For those who are still missing Verdansk, Activision revealed in September that the map will indeed be returning with the launch of Warzone Mobile. Warzone Mobile remains in a Limited Release phase but is planned for a worldwide launch in 2023.

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