Warzone Rebirth Island Weapon Trade Station: How it Works

"The Weapon Trade Station will add a slight variation to the current Cash economy in Warzone."
"The Weapon Trade Station will add a slight variation to the current Cash economy in Warzone." / Image courtesy of Activision

The Season Two Reloaded patch has just arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone, bringing with it the largest update ever seen for Rebirth Island.

Initially making its debut in 2018 with Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode, players have seen Rebirth Island emerge as a staple addition of Warzone since December 2020.

With a year of "internal and external feedback" to dig from, developer studio Beenox has now "rebuilt, redefined and reinforced" Rebirth Island with multiple point of interest changes, new enhanced lighting and more in hopes of both celebrating the map’s history and offering new experiences for players. Here's a breakdown of the all-new Weapon Trade Stations that have been added to Rebirth Island in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded.

Described as one of Rebirth Island's new "ingredients," the Weapon Trade Station is a new economy feature that has rarely been seen in battle royales to this point, allowing players to trade their currently equipped weapon for a new one, plus useful bonus commodities such as Armor Satchels, Killstreaks, Cash and more.

"Sometimes you return in action and find a weapon that you don’t love or without any ammo," Beenox Creative Director Etienne Pouliot said in a developer blog post, "so if you have a Weapon Trade Station close to you, it’s the perfect time to trade your weapon for a full clip of ammo ready to take enemies down."

The Weapon Trade Station will show the weapon you will get in exchange for your current one. At certain rarities, the Weapon Trade Station will also throw in a Cash bonus and additional rewards from a select pool of items.

Here's a complete list of Weapon Trade Station opportunities and their respective rewards:

Common Gun

  • Another randomized Common Gun with a full clip (one magazine or clip, with no additional ammo)

Uncommon Gun

  • Common Gun with a full clip
  • One randomized Lethal Equipment
  • One randomized Tactical Equipment

Rare Gun or Melee Weapon of Any Rarity

  • Common Gun with a full clip (no extra clip)  
  • Armor Satchel or Rare Field Upgrade
  • Gas Mask

Epic Gun

  • Uncommon Gun with a full clip and two extra clips
  • Self Revive Kit
  • $500 or $800
  • Armor Satchel or Epic Kill Streak or Epic Field Upgrade

Legendary/Ultra/Heroic Gun

  • Rare Gun with a full clip and two extra clips
  • $800 or $1200
  • A Legendary Killstreak
  • A Legendary Field Upgrade or, in extremely rare cases, a Specialist Token
  • One Random Lethal or Tactical equipment

Custom Gun

  • Depending on the number of attachments you will receive a different trade from the Weapon Trade Station. The higher number, the higher the trade.

Fire Sale Deal

  • Accepts any Weapon and gives great rewards. Players can only do this one time per Weapon Trade Station.
  • Legendary Rarity Weapon with two extra magazines
  • One Legendary Field Upgrade or one Legendary Killstreak
  • One Self-Revive or Gas Mask or Armor Satchel or Durable Gas Mask (Very Low Drop %)
  • One Lethal Equipment or $500 or $800
  • One Tactical Equipment or $500 or $800

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