Ranking the Seasonal Events in Warzone's History

Here is a list ranking the seasonal events that have taken place in Call of Duty: Warzone thus far.
Here is a list ranking the seasonal events that have taken place in Call of Duty: Warzone thus far. / Photo courtesy of Activision

This list is here to rank every single one of the seasonal events that have taken place in the history of Call of Duty: Warzone.

With the days counting down until the launch of Modern Warfare II, and ultimately Warzone 2.0, here is a list recapping the seasonal events in the title's 17-season history.

Ranking the Seasonal Events in Warzone's History

20. Games of Summer in Season 5 (MW)

The Games of Summer event was the headliner of the Season 5 Reloaded midseason update. In Games of Summer, players could play through five skill related Trial minigames in which they could secure Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for each, depending on the quality of their high-score or time record. Each medal came with a particular reward, ranging between emblems, calling cards, stickers, charms, XP tokens, vehicle skins and even weapon blueprints. Securing five gold medals would reward the player with a Legendary Grau 5.56 blueprint, Steeplechase.

19. Hunt for Adler in Season 3 (BOCW)

Debuting at the start of Season 3, the Hunt for Adler event added an in-game Intel contract that tasked players with locating Adler's Supplies in the form of supply boxes. The special event also had six challenges available across between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, which gave out the Legendary Adler "Tortured & Rescued" skin as the final reward.

18. The Numbers in Season 5 (BOCW)

During Season 5, The Number event dropped Mobile broadcast stations across Verdansk that can be activated, playing a broadcast recorded by Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin and awarding players with an instant $5,000. It also included a set of nine challenges that gave players the "Dual Sai" melee Weapon Blueprint as a final reward.

17. Secrets of the Pacific in Season 6 (BOCW)

Towards the end of the Black Ops Cold War era in Warzone was the Secrets of the Pacific event. It invited players to complete challenges that would not only give some teases about the upcoming launch of Caldera, but also award players the Epic STG44 "Bomber Menance" blueprint.

16. Heroes vs. Villains in Season 5 (VG)

One that seemingly wasn't all that great in the eyes of many in the community, Season 5's Heroes vs. Villains event invited players to choose between the two sides and contribute points to that team via Faction Points. The team with the most points at the end of the event won. The main prize was the Legendary "Heroes Hand" or "Villains Vengeance" MP-40 SMG Weapon Blueprint.

15. Ground Fall in Season 4 (BOCW)

In Season 4, the Ground Fall event added Uplink Stations to Verdansk '84, giving players high-tier loot caches mid-games, new and modified POIs, and six challenges between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with an Epic Magnum "Private Party" blueprint as a final reward.

14. '80s Action Heroes in Season 3 (BOCW)

The '80s Action Heroes event was the headliner of the Season 3 Reloaded midseason update. It introduced two new Operators — John Rambo and John McClane — a Power Grab mode, added and modified several POIs (e.g. Nakatomi Plaza), and included a set of nine challenges that gave players the Epic "Ignition" Pelington 703 Weapon Blueprint as a final reward.

13. Titanium Trials: Endurance in Season 4 (VG)

To celebrate the launch of the Titanium Trials: Endurance LTM, its event featured eight challenges for players to complete. Completing all the challenges rewarded players with an Ultra "Liquid Metal" Weapon Camouflage.

12. Rebirth Reinforced in Season 2 (VG)

Rebirth Reinforced was a seasonal event featured in Warzone during the launch of Season 2 to celebrate the map updates to the Resurgence offering. The event featured four participation challenges as well as four community challenges for players to complete. Completing all the participation challenges rewarded players with a Legendary DP27 "Toxic Heavy" blueprint.

11. Rebirth Island Seasonal Event in Season 1 (BOCW)

Back in December 2020, the Rebirth Island Event launched the second map in Warzone history, as well as awarded all players the Rare "Star Seeker" emblem upon logging in. Additionally, 16 challenges could be conquered to nab the Legendary "Hazardous" Krig 6 blueprint.

10. Mercenaries of Fortune in Season 4 (VG)

Rolling out alongside its self-titled season, the Mercenaries of Fortune event ushered in launched the third map in Warzone history, Fortune's Keep Additionally, eight challenges could be conquered to earn the Ultra "The Vault" Armored SUV vehicle skin.

9. Festive Fervor in Season 1 (VG)

In case you forgot what this event was about, perhaps one word is all it takes to jog your memory: Krampus. Krampus appeared in Caldera to terrifyingly hunt down and eliminate players. Christmas trees would also spawn around the map in any mode to potentially reward players with loot for securing them. Additionally, Elfs would also spawn around the map and yell at those who got near them. Those who finished all six of its challenges would get the Rare Type 11 "Ol' Timey" blueprint.

8. The Outbreak Event in Season 2 (BOCW)

At the launch of Season 2, The Outbreak Event introduced Zombies in Verdansk, along with the Shipwreck POI and 18 challenges across Black Ops Cold War's Outbreak and Warzone that gave out the Rare 1911 "Teal" blueprint.

7. Operation Monarch in Season 3 (VG)

Perhaps the definition of hit or miss, the Operation Monarch event generated a ton of hype around Godzilla and King Kong making their appearances in Caldera. Ultimately, those who completed this event's eight challenges earned the Legendary SVT-40 "Ancient Rivalry" blueprint.

6. Know Your History in Season 1 (BOCW)

The reveal event for Black Ops Cold War, Know Your History added a playlist to Warzone that invited players on a 15-minute objective-driven journey filled with theatrics that culminated with the Treyarch title's reveal trailer at the end.

5. The Destruction of Verdansk in Season 3 (BOCW)

As the culmination of the zombie situation in Warzone, The Destruction of Verdansk served as the transition between the modern-day version of the city and its 1984 revamp. The event took place in two story-driven playlists, with the first inviting players to see Verdansk being nuked, and the second taking place at Rebirth Island at night pitting squads against each other to hold on to a device that would eventually lead to the arming of the nuclear missile that blew up the OG map.

4. Last Hours of Verdansk in Season 6 (BOCW)

Providing the community with the chance to say one last goodbye to the beloved map, the Last Hours of Verdansk event featured a special LTM with action events, unique objectives, exclusive reward items and a table-setting cinematic for the Warzone Pacific era. Players who secured a win in the mode received the Epic "Final Victor" Calling Card.

3. The Battle of Verdansk in Season 5 (BOCW)

Just this past August, The Battle of Verdansk featured up to 32 players per match in a highly coordinated objective-driven experience complete with the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard. Every player who participated in the event the first time was rewarded with an Epic "Clashing Sides" Emblem and a Legendary "Dark Forest" RPD Blueprint. When a player signaled their exfil at the end of the event, they were rewarded with an Epic "Little Shark" Charm.

2. The Haunting in Season 6 (BOCW)

Being that this was the sequel for what was the best seasonal event in Warzone History, The Haunting comes in at No. 2. The Haunting featured several new modes and content for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, including an operator bundle for Ghostface. A new Ghosts of Verdansk LTM was released in Warzone which took place on a night-time version of Verdansk '84 called Verdansk Halloween. The mode worked similarly to Zombie Royale. The final reward for completing its nine challenges was the LAPA submachine gun.

1. Haunting of Verdansk in Season 6 (MW)

Taking the top spot, of course, is the Haunting of Verdansk event, which went all out with a revamped variant of Verdansk at night, special rewards, limited-time modes and cosmetic bundles, including collaborations with the SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchises.

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