What Are Pokémon GO Wormholes?

Courtesy of Niantic

Pokémon GO fans might be wondering about what the upcoming wormholes are. These wormholes give players a chance to fight more Ultra Beast Pokémon.

One of the many content updates to Pokémon GO over the years has been the introduction of Ultra Beasts. These Pokémon are similar to raid bosses in other massively multiplayer online games, as they are much harder encounters that are quite difficult to catch. They are one of the many ways that Niantic has managed to keep Pokémon GO fresh for long-time players alongside various other content updates that have introduced elements such as new Pokémon and plentiful free rewards.

What Are Pokémon GO Wormholes?

Pokémon GO wormholes originally made their debut in the mainline Pokémon titles Sun and Moon. Ignoring the lore about them connecting to "Ultra Space," wormholes serve as a way for players to fight rarer Pokémon known as Ultra Beasts. The wormholes themselves are not significant, it's that they lead to dynamic encounters with more rare Pokémon.

With the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 finale, Niantic introduced several new Ultra Beast encounters for players to tackle. Since these new encounters just occurred a few days ago, new players will need to use the time between the next new set of rare encounters to train up and prepare to face off.