What is Streets of Tarkov?

"The city of Tarkov is located in northwest Russia and is part of the Norvinsk Region."
"The city of Tarkov is located in northwest Russia and is part of the Norvinsk Region." / Battlestate Games

The next major update for Escape from Tarkov, patch, was released Wednesday, bringing its players a fresh wipe and some long-awaited content — the Streets of Tarkov.

For those wondering what this is and why there so much buzz around it, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov.

What is Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov?

Thanks to the release of patch, Streets of Tarkov is now the ninth playable location added to Escape from Tarkov.

The reason why it was so highly anticipated was that the map was leaked and teased extensively in recent years, notoriously without any sort of indication for a release date. Now, almost out of the blue, the map was seemingly teased and finally released this week.

The map itself is said to be just the first iteration of what players can expect to explore, and will be expanded later on.

Located at the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street, the Streets of Tarkov location contains an abandoned factory, Pinewood Hotel, news agency building, Concordia residential complex, car dealership, Terracot Business Center, cinema, Sparzha supermarket and other objects of urban infrastructure.

Aside from simply learning the new map and its hot spots and extraction points, the major update appears primed to introduce a breadth of other new changes and additions, including the GP-25 grenade launcher, the SR-2M SMG, and the RSH-12 assault revolver. Light Armor and Heavy Armor Skills have also been added, allowing players to specialize in either armor type.