What's the Item Level for Primal Storms Gear in Dragonflight

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Don't know what item level the Primal Storms gear is offered at in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? Don't worry we've got you covered.

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, has brought players to the Dragon Isles where they'll find epic new quests and loot throughout its lands. Not only that, but players will also find themselves caught up in what is known as Primal Storms.

These Primal Storms can be located on your map by looking for a big red X and occur every six hours and last for two hours. When engaging them, players will be able to battle Primalist NPCs that are imbued with the following elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Depending on which element is present during the invasion, the environment surrounding you will change to match it.

Participating in these events can grant you valuable items such as mounts, pets, trinkets, gear, and achievements. The most notable items though are the two sets of gear that players can add to their inventory by taking advantage of these epic events.

What's the Item Level for Primal Storms Gear in Dragonflight

The Elemental Overflow Gear and the Storm Sigil Gear are the gears made available through the Primal Storms events. The levels for these items are 359 and 385 respectively with the Elemental Overflow gear having a rare quality and the Storm Sigil Gear an epic quality.

In order to acquire these items, players will first have to endure the Primal Storms that appear in Dragonflight and collect both the Elemental Overflow and the Storm Sigil currency. The Elemental Overflow currency is easier to collect as it is dropped by all mobs in the Storm. Storm Sigil on the other hand can only be obtained once per type of invasion per week.

Once you've collected enough Elemental Overflow, make sure to head over to Mythressa in Valdrakken to purchase gear from the Elemental Overflow set. Then head over to Rethelshi, who is also in Valdrakken, and exchange your Storm Sigils and Elemental Overflow Gear for the Storm Sigil Gear. It's important to note that any piece of Storm Sigil Gear you want will cost you a matching piece of Elemental Overflow gear.

Once equipped, players will find that all of their gear slots are covered except for Necklaces, Rings, and Trinkets. They will also be granted handy buffs that increase damage and survivability in outdoor areas of the Dragon Isles.

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