When do FIFA 22 Lightning Rounds Start?

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team remains the most popular game mode in the FIFA franchise. One of the most exciting aspects of the game mode is opening packs trying to get the best players in the game. One aspect of opening packs is Lightning Rounds.

Lightning Rounds in the pack store are an exciting time for fans as EA places big value packs in the store for usually an hour at a time with a limited amount of them available.

When do FIFA 22 Lightning Rounds Start?

Usually we see Lightning Rounds start in Ultimate Team around the Black Friday promotion. Also, EA Sports should tie in a special promotional team with these packs. In years past, it's been either a Best of TOTW squad or limited Record Breaker items.

This is an exciting team in the FIFA cycle as we are getting closer and closer to the Team of the Year and holiday promotion at the end of the year.

Lightning Rounds are a way for EA to sell packs and for players to maximize their opportunities to pull expensive players in packs quickly.

Usually, we see packs such as, Jumbo Rare Players Packs, Rare Players Packs, and Rare Mega Packs available in Lightning Rounds. These are some of the more valuable packs in FIFA.

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