Where is Sunswoon Lagoon in Fortnite?

Players can find Sunswoon Lagoon in Creeky Compound.
Players can find Sunswoon Lagoon in Creeky Compound. / Epic Games

Fortnite Summer Escape introduced Sunswoon Lagoon, a new temporary POI for players to explore throughout the 14 Days of Summer.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 brought three jungle-themed POIs to the map that present dangers never before seen in Epic Games' Battle Royale. The forest is full of Raptors, wasps, and deadly flowers. Plus, the treacherous elevation of the new areas is a nightmare to navigate in Zero Build.

Now, one of the map additions has transformed into a summer hangout to celebrate the Fortnite Summer Escape Event. Not only is the area a cool spot to visit, but it also pops up in the Fortnite Summer Escape Quests. Players must visit and swim at Sunswoon Lagoon to earn XP and free rewards.

So, where can players find the hidden summer escape?

Where is Sunswoon Lagoon in Fortnite?

Sunswoon Lagoon is located on the far west side of Creeky Compound in Fortnite. The limited-time area features two massive murals of Peely and this season's secret Battle Pass skin, Purradise Meowscles, on either side of a waterfall. The lagoon also contains scattered inflatable palm trees and floats for some extra mobility.

Twinkling lights and firepits light Sunswoon Lagoon, giving the POI a serene aesthetic despite the chaos that occurs at the popular landing spot. There is not much loot to be found in the few cabins surrounding the lagoon, so off-spawn duels require a great drop and bit of luck.

Sunswoon Lagoon will only exist in Fortnite until the end of Summer Escape on July 18.