Where to Find Cursed Llamas in Fortnite

Cursed Llamas will randomly spawn all over the map.
Cursed Llamas will randomly spawn all over the map. / Epic Games

Fans will need to know where to find Cursed Llamas in Fortnite to experience the full extent of the Battle Royale's crossover with Jujutsu Kaisen.

Everyone favorite sorcerers from the popular anime series, Jujutsu Kaisen, have invaded Fortnite, and they brought some curses with them. Not only can players now earn Cursed Energy to unlock free and premium rewards, like Yuji Itadori, in the Break the Curse Battle Pass, but they can also wield in-game curses that are lethal to enemies and structures.

Their sorcery has also extended to Llamas. Now, Cursed Llamas, surrounded by a blue flame, patrol the map and offer some unstoppable weapons. But where are Cursed Llamas located in Fortnite?

Where to Find Cursed Llamas in Fortnite

Players can find Cursed Llamas in Fortnite all over the map. The spawn rate for the creature is fairly high, and multiple will appear throughout a game. Once the Cursed Llamas spawn, their icons, a Llama encased in a blue flame, will appear on the map to reveal their exact location. Simply travel to spot and you will find a Cursed Llama.

Once you find a Cursed Llama in Fortnite, you can treat it as any other Llama in the game. Grab a weapon from your inventory and shoot the Cursed Llama until it disappears. The creature will drop the typical heals, shield, and ammo, along with the two new Cursed Techniques: Straw Doll Technique and Hollow Technique: Purple.

Where to Find Cursed Llamas: Rewards

In addition to obtaining heals, shield, ammo, and Cursed Techniques, players will also receive out-of-game rewards for finding Cursed Llamas. The Grade 4 Break the Curse Quests requires players to:

  • Help in hunting Cursed Llamas
  • Collect Hollow Purple or Straw Doll Technique in different matches

Completing both tasks will earn you a total of 700 Cursed Energy that can be used to unlock free and premium rewards in the mini-Jujutsu Kaisen Battle Pass. Plus, you will earn an additional 400 Cursed Energy if you take the Cursed Techniques from the Cursed Llama and damage opponents.

Check out the full list of Break the Curse Quests and rewards here.