Who Voices The Foundation in Fortnite?

It’s about drive, It’s about power. It's about Fortnite?
It’s about drive, It’s about power. It's about Fortnite? / Image courtesy of Epic Games

Who voices The Foundation in Fortnite?

Although it remains to be seen just who is providing the juice under the mask, it appears that the rumors of the leader of The Seven's voice actor perhaps being a certain former WWE superstar have unofficially been confirmed.

Who Voices The Foundation in Fortnite?

With Fortnite Chapter 2 set to end this Friday, it's no surprise that the beloved battle royale's community has been on the hunt for lore leaks even more than usual in recent weeks.

One of Fortnite's long unanswered questions has been about the voice actor for The Foundation, a key figure tied to the game's supposed villainous faction comprised of meta-humans opposed to the Imagined Order.

What's been strange is that Epic Games has long been open to revealing the credits for voice actors for Fortnite, except for this particular character. With this latest "leak," however, perhaps it's all starting to make sense.

Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, the suspected voice actor for the upcoming antagonist, took to social media on Dec. 1 to post what appeared to be a regular sponsored celebrity post for his energy drink company.

Where things quickly got spicy, however, was when the camera turned to his fridge, which in addition to the beverages, housed a real-life model of The Foundation's helmet.

The Rock didn't stop there, perfectly executing on several hints that every Fortnite player staying up-to-date on the upcoming in-game event should be quick to notice.

Each time he took a sip of his energy drink, the camera noticeably goes upside-down for a few seconds, which is what happens in a leaked Fortnite ad for Chapter 3.

There's also a prop Fortnite-esque alien gun sitting on some boxes about 45-seconds into the clip as The Rock mentions the importance of taking "higher ground."

The cherry-on-top for all this? Epic's own CCO Donald Mustard reposting The Rock's video on his Instagram story.

Fortnite fans, expect The Foundation to play a major role in the coming days.