Why is Rocket League So Laggy: How to Fix

Photo via Psyonix / Epic Games

Many Rocket League players have reported lag during their games, most notably after new updates have rolled out.

Of course, for players, this is frustrating and will usually be a detriment to the team, whether dealing with lag, FPS drops, or something else.

Here are a total of five solutions for fixing the lag issue that players are having in Rocket League.

Why is Rocket League So Laggy: How to Fix

A few ways to fix the Rocket League lag issues are listed below, so make sure to give them a chance before giving up on the game or waiting for the next update.

  • Install the latest game patch
  • Update graphics card driver and network driver
  • Configure the game settings
  • Update Windows system
  • Configure the Windows settings

1. Install the Latest Game Patch

Players can check out the Epic Games store for new Rocket League updates on PC. If there's a new patch available, be sure to try that.

Psyonix has stated that the lag is a known issue, so they tend to put out a few different patches after a major update to try and improve player gaming experience.

2. Update Graphics Card Driver and Network Driver

Missing or outdated graphics and network drivers can result in FPS and ping drops.

To check if your graphics or network drivers are outdated, go to the manufacturers website to see what the latest version of their drivers are.

While this method is time-consuming, it's important to keep PC drivers up to date to be able to play games.

3. Configure the Game Settings

Players can change their in-game settings to try and combat lag issues.

This can either be done by changing the graphics settings or directly changing what the game's properties are through your system settings.

4. Update Windows System

Sometimes, when Windows gets outdated, games will begin to slow down and break.

Players can check their Windows settings to see whether there's a new update available that may fix the problem.

5. Configure the Windows Settings

One of the best ways to make sure your game isn't lagging is limiting what Windows starts up upon computer launch. This can be done within the Task Manager.

Another way to do this is by turning on Windows Game Mode, which is specifically designed to limit what's running in the background while you play.

Unfortunately, if none of these solutions fixes your problem, it's likely a computer or a game issue.

This means players will either have to upgrade their PC or device. Alternatively, they can wait until the next Rocket League update comes out.