Will The Finals Have Crossplay?


New multiplayer shooter The Finals is having a Closed Beta right now, but console players have to wait a little while longer to play the game. When they get their hands on it, however, will they be playing only against one another or with PC players? Here's what you need to know about The Finals crossplay.

The Finals is the latest multiplayer shooter to hit the market, but it's shaking up the field in a number of ways - mainly through its innovative destruction mechanics (taking inspiration from the Battlefield series, which many of Embark's developers used to work on) and Capture The Flag-esque main game mode that evokes old-school multiplayer shooters, with a modern spin.

In The Finals, players build a character out of one of three types, adding weapons and abilities to essentially create their own hero. Players then have to compete in teams of three to earn cash from cash boxes scattered around the game's almost fully-destructible maps.

Will The Finals Have Crossplay?

It is currently unknown whether the game will have crossplay. The Finals is confirmed to be releasing on consoles, but Embark has remained tight-lipped on the potential for crossplay. While this could increase player counts crossplay is a controversial feature due to balancing concerns.