Yone Skins: 5 League of Legends Skin Lines the Champion Should Join

5 skin lines Yone should join!
5 skin lines Yone should join! | Image via Riot Games

With Yone set to hit the Rift soon, players will be excited to give the new mid laner a try. While Yone's base model already looks incredible, the community will soon clamor for more Yone skins.

Let's take a look at which existing skin lines Riot should consider adding Yone to in the future.

5 League of Legends Skin Lines Yone Should Join

Blood Moon

Blood Moon Yone seemed to be the most obvious pick, as both the skin line and the champion have a unique obsession with masks. The Blood Moon skins feature alternate appearances for champions in which they have donned red masks and joined an Ionian demon worshiping cult. Yone is already a demon hunter from Ionia who stores the demons he captures in masks. It would be interesting to see what Riot's art team came up with and the common lore makes this skin a natural fit.


While the Nightbringer skin may make more sense for Yone in the lore, I would love to see a Dawnbringer Yone skin. It would be awesome to see a Nightbringer Yasuo vs. Dawnbringer Yone matchup in the mid lane. Considering that Riot originally launched the skin line to feature Yasuo and Riven's lore, this skin may actually be very plausible now that Yone brings more to the story.

Dark Star

Dark Star Yone would give Riot Games' art team a huge opportunity to show off their model-building prowess. Yone's kit gives Riot a ton of opportunities to create stunning particle effects and trails on his dual swords. They absolutely knocked it out of the park with Dark Star Mordekaiser and Yone would be the perfect opportunity for Riot to try and outdo themselves.


PROJECT: Yone seems to make too much sense. The PROJECT skin line has always featured extremely mobile assassins with the likes of Zed, Akali, Yasuo, and Katarina. Yone certainly fits in well alongside these champions. Additionally, Yone's Soul Unbound (E), which allows him to split his soul and body seems to fit well into the PROJECT line and would end up looking awesome.


Infernal Yone seems like another great opportunity for Riot to really expand on their particle effects. Yone's blades on fire would be a really great concept for Riot to explore. It would be somewhat of a departure for the skin line, as it does not feature any sword-wielding characters at the moment. Regardless, its an idea Riot should explore.