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3 Tips for Playing Ash in Apex Legends

Ash in Apex Legends Season 11
Ash in Apex Legends Season 11 / Credit to EA/Respawn

Use these three tips for playing Ash in Apex Legends to get an easy advantage on your opponent.

Ash has had a major impact on Apex Legends Season 11. Her kit makes her very well suited to hunting down a team to ambush and then using strong positioning to take the fight as safely as possible. Ash's skill cap is quite high, meaning players who continuously experiment with her abilities and think critically about the next best move will likely have a good degree of success.

3 Tips for Playing Ash in Apex Legends

1. Ash's Arc Snare is Stronger Than you Think

Ash's tactical ability is an Arc Snare that will trap the first player that comes to close to where it has landed. The Arc Snare will only trap one enemy, but it traps them incredibly well. There is basically no way to escape the Arc Snare once it has attached to you. It will prevent players from running away even if they use a movement ability such as Octane's Launch Pad. Not even the new Gravity Cannons propel players fast enough to escape the Arc Snare.

2. Keep an Eye on the Map for Deathboxes

Ash's passive allows her to see new deathboxes across the entire map, but only for a short time. When someone dies next to you be sure to communicate this to your team as you'll likely be able to third-party the survivors and win an easy fight. Once you find the location of the deathbox displayed on your map the natural next step is to scan it for the location of the killers and then track them down. This is arguably Ash's strongest ability if players use it wisely.

3. Ash's Ultimate is a Tool of Precision

Ash's Phase Breach is different from Wraith's Portal because it only works in one direction, but can be placed from a distance. So when using Ash's ultimate you need to be absolutely certain that you are moving to a good spot. Otherwise you will get caught out in the open and be an easy target.

Fortunately, Ash's Phase Breach can be placed very precisely. Players who are good enough can place it through windows or cracks in walls as an unexpected means of entering an opponent's building.