Best Legends to Pair with Ash in Apex Legends

Ash in the Season 11 launch trailer
Ash in the Season 11 launch trailer / Credit to EA.Respawn

Season 11 is just around the corner and many players are beginning to think about what the best legends are to pair with Ash in Apex Legends.

Ash is the newest legend coming to Apex Legends is Ash, the incisive instigator. Her abilities seem to be built around being able to continuously hunt down a new squad and then dismantle them. Ash's tactical ability is an Arc Snare that will tether the first enemy that comes within range and deals a little bit of damage as well. Her passive ability is Marked For Death which allows Ash to reveals the location of recent deathboxes and marks the surviving attackers.

Marked For Death isn't a true third-party ability because the fighting will be over by the time she arrives, but it will definitely cause fights to happen faster. Ash's ultimate ability is Phase Breach, a one way portal that can be placed at a targeted location.

Best Legends to Par with Ash in Apex Legends

The legends that are going to pair best with Ash will make the most of her ability to find a fresh team to fight. You're going to want at least one movement legend that can capitalize on the information she gathers about other surviving squads. Ash will also likely pair well with legends that can help make a push more effectively or protect the team as they push.

Here are some of the best legends to pair with Ash in Apex Legends:


Valkyrie's Skyward Dive ultimate is reason enough to play her alongside Ash. The typical game plan is to win the first fight, use Ash's passive to find where another squad is and then use Valkyries ultimate to position yourself in the best place to take that fight. The best part about this duo is that they will pair well with just about any third legend. Need some protection? Bring a Gibraltar. Need to force them out of cover? Bring a Fuse or a Caustic.


If used correctly, Revenant's ultimate basically grants the team a free push into the enemy. This is exactly what Ash needs after she finds an enemy squad using her passive. Once a squad has been found Revenant's ultimate can be used in combination with Ash's ultimate to give the squad a free push that cannot be punished because Ash's ultimate portal only works in one direction.


Gibraltar seems to pair well with just about any legend and Ash is no exception. Ash's kit is designed to give her the drop on surviving squads so she can position herself accordingly, but it won't work perfectly every time. At some point the enemy will inevitably have the advantage and no legend is better at protecting the squad in dire situations that Gibraltar.