4 Improvements Call of Duty: Warzone Needs in 2022

Here's are wishlist of improvements for Warzone in 2022.
Here's are wishlist of improvements for Warzone in 2022. / Image courtesy of Activision

2021 proved to be a very up-and-down year for Call of Duty's Warzone mode. Some players and creators would call it a great year with plenty of great content, while others felt the need to put the keys or controller down due to the game being disappointing.

Despite the reaction, Warzone was one of the biggest games of 2021, and going into 2022, it's expected to still be huge. However, here are some improvements that we think Call of Duty: Warzone needs in 2022.

1. Lobby Size

With the new Caldera Map implemented into Warzone in December, there were plenty of criticisms. Bugs, glitches and cheaters plagued players on the new map, and Raven Software took notice.

One of the biggest issues with the new map in the eyes of players was how big the map is compared to the lobby. Warzone is capable of housing 152 players in one lobby, however, with the expanded size of the map, some players feel like there should be more players. Games often feel longer because there is so much map area, it can take a while to run into anyone.

Raven Software has already started experimenting with lobby size, shrinking the lobby down a dozen players in select Warzone modes to get more control over bugs and glitches. However, it's unknown if they are working on expanding beyond the 152 player limit. Here's hoping they will and we can get action more often on the Caldera island.

2. Additional BR Modes

In Warzone, there isn't a huge variety of modes to choose from. You have your standard Battle Royale as well as plunder, and occasionally other modes are added for a limited time. However, there are ways that Warzone can add new modes while keeping the game fresh. Maybe a mode restricting you to a certain style of weapon, like snipers only or melee battles only. Or a hardcore mode with limited health and HUD, making the mode even more competitive.

3. Bigger Squads

Even if it's just one more player per team, bigger squads can make for an interesting addition to Warzone. Adding a fifth player would make things extremely interesting in terms of strategy. 30 teams of five would make for tougher battles between squads, and can create less situations of one versus ones, which means more action.

4. Bring Back Verdansk

This may be a tough request, and some players may love the change of map in Warzone. However, Verdansk shouldn't have been completely wiped from Warzone. The map created some amazing moments and was very fun while it was around. If anything, allowing them to choose which map they want to load a lobby for gives Warzone players the best thing in gaming, more options of how to play

With all the mixed reactions to Caldera, it's hard to think anyone would be upset with having the chance to drop back into Verdansk, or at least having shades of the former map in Caldera. If there are different modes in Warzone, there should be more than one map choice as well.

Let us know if you agree with are list: what's on your wishlist for Warzone in 2022?