5 Strongest Versions of Legends in Apex Legends

Seer after his nerf in Season 10
Seer after his nerf in Season 10 / Credit to EA/Respawn

These are the five strongest versions of legends in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a constantly evolving game. Since its release there have been 10 additional legends added to the game and there have be countless numbers of balance changes to several legends. Throughout all these changes, there have been a few legends that at some point or another were so strong that they were considered meta defining or even overpowered.

5 Strongest Versions of Legends in Apex Legends

Keep in mind that these legends have since been reworked or nerfed in an attempt to maintain game balance, so don't expect to be able to drop into a game today and exploit any character on this list for easy wins.

5. Lifeline - Before Season 9

As Apex Legends' resident combat medic, Lifeline has always had the passive ability to use her healing drone to revive downed allies while still being able to deal damage. However, before Season 9 her passive would also provide a completely invulnerable shield large enough to cover both Lifeline and the ally she was reviving. This ability was wildly frustrating but fortunately wasn't game-breaking because it was easily countered by a well placed grenade.

4. Octane - Season 8 - 10

In Season 8 Octane's launch pad received a major buff that would give players more options to control the height and distance given by the launch pad. Sliding into the pad would give players a lower but longer launch and standing or running into the pad would give players a higher launch but shorter distance traveled. The overall distance given from the launch pad has since been nerfed, but for a moment a launch pad was the only movement ability a team needed to win.

3. Horizon - Season 7

In the past, new legends added to Apex Legends always felt somewhat lackluster upon release. Respawn must have noticed this because when Horizon was released in Season 7, she dominated the game. Her gravity lift gave her an instant height advantage, an easy way to heal without taking too much damage and a get-out-of-jail-free card if she ever got in over her head. In Season 9 she received some pretty hard nerfs that most players felt were too harsh, but has since then fallen into a nice middle ground.

2. Wraith - Season 0

Wraith is still considered by many to be one of the best characters in the game, but in the early days of Apex Legends she was even stronger. These days her tactical ability has a long start-up before giving Wraith invulnerability, but originally it was practically instant. In addition to this, her portal also stretched much further giving her team a damage free rotation to anywhere she could reach.

1. Caustic - Season 7

In Season 7 Caustic received, what was meant to be, a small buff to the damage dealt by his noxious gas. What we ended up with was a character that could deny a full push by an entire team single-handedly. The buffed Caustic especially shined in the final ring though. When the final ring would grow tight enough Caustic's ultimate could cover the entire playing field and deal damage directly to the enemy's health while also slowing them and clouding their vision. In Season 7, If a team had caustic near the end of a game they almost always won.