5 Things We Want in Valorant Episode 3

Here's some things Valorant players would love to see in Episode 3
Here's some things Valorant players would love to see in Episode 3 / Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Episode 3 is on its way soon, and with a brand new episode comes some major changes, including the potential announcement of a brand new Agent, and perhaps other additional changes and fixes to the game.

We don't know much about Episode 3, other than a developer Twitch stream on June 21 discussing the new Episode in greater detail. Of course, there's plenty that players have on their wish list for this Episode 3. Here's five things we hope are added to the game.

5 Things We Want in Valorant Episode 3

1. New Agent

This one seems like a given, with all the teasing and hinting that Valorant has done so far, but it still makes the list. We'll learn more about the Agent's abilities later, but hopefully, they'll work well with existing team comps, and not shake up the game too much.

2. Replay System

Fans have been begging for a replay system ever since the game launched, and it might be a longshot, but Episode 3 would be a great time to add this major feature. Seeing how you die, and what angles players exploit to get kills helps make people better at the game, and that's a good thing for everyone.

3. Some Yoru Balancing

Yoru's difficulties haven't ended yet, and with Episode 3, he might benefit from some improvements to his utility. Fakeout (C) is highly situational, and Gatecrash (E) is a solid ability in theory, but some players might think it disappears far too quickly. It's hard to pinpoint what changes would help Yoru out, but it can't hurt to try to buff him.

4. Weapon Skins

Valorant players have been eating good when it comes to weapon skins, with the new Origin bundle announced, and the Give Back Bundle letting players have fan-favorite skins. Even still, fans will always welcome new weapon skins to purchase and show off.

5. Nerf the Judge

Nerf the Judge. It's as simple as that. As it is right now, it's far too overpowered in close range scenarios, and just isn't fun to play against. Giving it a slight nerf, in addition to the already announced price increase for the shotgun, would go a long way.