Aceu Loses to a Door in Apex Legends

"I hate this game, bro. Everything about this damn game is just made to piss me off."
"I hate this game, bro. Everything about this damn game is just made to piss me off." / Image courtesy of aceu, Respawn Entertainment

Content creator star Brandon "aceu" Winn has been on the grind once again in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, and in a recent clip, showcased one of the rare times he got caught off guard in-game.

Little explanation is needed to explain how good the "Movement God" is in Apex Legends, both with his mechanics and game sense as a former pro player himself. Perhaps that is why this recent instance is even harder to believe — aceu dying to a door simply while looting.

"I hate this game, bro," aceu said in his June 6 stream. "Everything about this damn game is just made to piss me off, bro. I can't f—— stand this piece of s— game, dude. Blows my mind. I died to a door. I always die to f—— doors, dude."

Of course, those who watch aceu likely know that he's joking and probably not that upset about it, but to see him "rage" and "lose his cool" is pretty hilarious to see in the clip.

Fresh off a losing fight, aceu watches as the downed Loba player seemingly wedges themselves in between a doorway.

Unbothered, aceu proceeds to loot the Loba's deathbox when suddenly the door slams shut, causing the box to inexplicably spawn right on top of him, crushing him immediately to the comedically absurd tune of a 1,000 damage.

Image courtesy of aceu, Respawn Entertainment

Minutes later, after sitting stoically in silence while spectating his teammates, aceu tried to answer a question in his chat asking him to explain why the door killed him.

"I don't know," aceu said. "I don't know. If you're Wraith and you Q and someone opens a door into you, you will die, but I was not in Q, I was simply looting a box and I died. I don't know why it happened."

Ultimately, the door incident proved to be very costly as aceu's teammates weren't able to get a chance to rez him and finished Top 6 in the match.

"We should have won," aceu said. "We had a f—— god squad and I just died to a door.

"Dying in your Wraith Q is still a thing. That happened to last time I played. I died in my Q. But this time, I was literally just looting a box and the door just killed me."