Aceu Reveals the Best Way to Warm Up and Learn Recoil Patterns in Apex Legends

"Just don't use a barrel."
"Just don't use a barrel." / Image courtesy of aceu, Respawn Entertainment

Out of all of the popular battle royales out at the moment, there is perhaps no title that emphasizes the importance of mastering different recoil patterns than Apex Legends.

From the VK-47 Flatline and C.A.R. SMG, to the HAVOC Rifle, it's no secret that understanding each of the weapons' diverse strengths and traits is a must in order to be able to consistently win fights in Apex Legends. Fortunately, according to popular NRG Esports streamer Brandon "aceu" Winn, there is a quick and easy way for players to warm up and learn the recoil patterns of the guns.

"If you're truly trying to warm up," aceu said in his June 14 stream, "just don't use a barrel. If you truly want to learn the recoil, just don't use a barrel. Sight doesn't really matter. Stock, the sway doesn't really matter but the faster reload means you can shoot more."

As shown in the clip, for those who want to shoot like aceu does, one way that could help is by going to the Firing Range and taking the time to beam some bots with a weapon of their choice without a barrel.

Of course, this is because the addition of barrels heavily reduces the recoil patterns of the weapons they're equipped on. As such, by mastering how to control the weapons' recoil at their worst, it can make things easier, especially once barrels are added to mix in-game.

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