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Apex Legends Arenas Weapons Tier List November 2021

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The Apex Legends Arenas Weapons Tier List for November 2021 is different from last month's tier list because of weapon changes and a new map rotation for Season 11.

A lot of the weapons are changing in Apex Legends Season 11. A few weapons received buffs, weapons that were too strong got nerfed and the new C.A.R. SMG is being added to the game. The G7 Scout is also taking the Triple Take's place in the Care Package.

Apex Legends Arenas Weapons Tier List November 2021

S Tier Weapons

S tier weapons are the Flatline, R-301, Wingman, Volt and R-99. The Flatline and the R-301 are great weapons for the mid-game rounds of Arenas when players have a decent amount of money to spend. Purchasing the Wingman early-game can be a risky play because of how expensive it is, but it will undoubtedly give you the edge against other early game weapons. The Volt is arguably the best SMG for Arenas because of its versatility across different ranges. The R-99 deals a high amount of damage per second with very little recoil.

A Tier Weapons

A tier weapons include the Peacekeeper, Eva-8 and C.A.R. The Peacekeeper is the better late game shotgun when players can afford to buy the more expensive shotgun bolts. The Eva-8 is just the opposite. Its high base fire rate makes it the better shotgun in early rounds. The C.A.R. SMG can use both light and heavy ammo, making it a good companion to several other weapons.

B Tier Weapons

The weapons in B tier are the Prowler, Longbow, Mastiff, Devotion, L-Star, Bocek Bow and Triple Take. The Prowler is a good SMG, but is more expensive to fully upgrade than is desirable. The Longbow's consistency makes it the best sniper for Arenas. The Mastiff is outclassed by the two shotguns mentioned in A tier. The Devotion requires some heavy investment to reach its full potential. The Bocek is more ranked higher for Arenas than it is for Battle Royale because players don't have to worry about constantly finding more arrows. The Triple Take's spread makes it a good balance between a long-range and close-range powerhouse.

C Tier Weapons

C Tier Weapons are the Havoc, Re-45, 30-30 Repeater, Rampage, Hemlock, Sentinel, Charge Rifle and Mozambique. The Havoc is cheaper than any other assault rifle, but will require some investment before it can equip the turbocharger needed to take it to the next level. The Re-45 is a good cheap purchase for early rounds. The 30-30 Repeater's ability to poke at enemies from a distance can force the enemy into wasting a lot of healing. The Rampage struggles in Arenas because players must spend extra money on thermite grenades to rev-up the weapon. The money spent on extra Shield Cells to charge the Sentinel make it a less affordable option than other snipers in Arenas. The Charge Rifle is good for opening up long-distance fights but struggles in any other range. The Mozambique is surprisingly effective as a secondary in Arenas because it is free to purchase.

D Tier Weapons

The only weapon in D tier is the P2020. The P2020 is consistently outclassed by every other weapon in the game, but at least it's free.