Apex Legends Fan's Revenant Overhaul Would Give Him Apex Legends' Best Ultimate

Revenant in Apex Legends
Revenant in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

An Apex Legends fan has come up with a pretty smart rework for Revenant’s "Death Totem" Ultimate ability, which has gotten signs of approval from other players.

Since being introduced by Respawn back in Season 4, Revenant has been a solid addition to the Battle Royale, being a popular choice among players especially during the meta seeing Revenant and Octane Duo's taking over the game.

Revenant's Ultimate Ability, the Death Totem, allows him to plant a device that gives Revenant and his teammates a 25-second period of being able to cheat death. You can rush enemies and if you're "killed," you'll reappear at the totem with 50 health. However, Reddit user XxGAMERZxKINGxX posed a new idea for revamping his Ultimate that has caught many players' attention.

In the Reddit post, XxGAMERZxKINGxX explains that Revenant should “charge up” the Ultimate in a similar way to Valkyrie and her Skyward Dive ability. Then, instead of teleporting directly back to the Death Totem’s location, Revenant and their teammates would become shadowy figures with a small period of invulnerability.

This would allow them to reposition in a fight, rather than be sent back to one static location. However, there would be a period where you can’t use items after moving, just like Wraith’s portal. 

The idea isn't popular among all of the Apex Legends Reddit community, but there are plenty who believe that Respawn might have a good idea under their noses. “Changes like these prove that Respawn needs to add like a test server to test out possible reworks and changes,” said one user in the replies. “Honestly not bad. I like the idea of not just teleporting back to the totem,”added another.

While Respawn can't just hit copy and paste on a fan idea, they can definitely be inspired by the Reddit user's proposition to test new ideas to rework their legends, to make each one more usable or just less stale of an option. Many Apex Legends players have great ideas and reworks for the game to improve in small ways, as you can explore throughout the game's Reddit page. We'll have to see if this idea gains more traction and looks from devs in the near future.