Apex Legends Legend Arena Tier List September 2021

Apex Legends Artwork
Apex Legends Artwork / Credit to EA/Respawn

The Apex Legends Legend Arena tier list for September 2021 is much different than the battle royale tier list. This is because the Arena game mode in Apex Legends typically plays out very different than the Battle Royale mode. A 3-v-3 fight where both teams are guaranteed good loot, plenty of ammo and an absence of the dreaded third-parties simplifies the game and alters the meta dramatically.

Please note that legends are not in any specific order within their given tiers.

Apex Legends Legend Arena Tier List September 2021

S Tier Legends - Always Useful in Arena

S tier legends include Seer, Octane, Bloodhound and Pathfinder. Collecting currency in the early rounds of the game is crucial in Arena and, with a good grapple, Pathfinder is oftentimes able to get materials faster than any other legend. Octane's launch pad provides the team with an easy means of securing a forward position before the enemies can be ready. Seer and bloodhound both ensure that your team is always aware of the enemies position.

A Tier Legends - Never a Bad Pick

A tier is made up of Lifeline, Valkyrie, Gibraltar and Horizon. Lifeline will be able to purchase a golden backpack most rounds meaning her automatic revive passive becomes exponentially better. Playing around Gibraltar's bubble isn't as important in Arena as in Battle Royale, but it's never a bad tool to have. Gibraltar's primary struggle is with economy because of how expensive his abilities are. Horizon's lift guarantees that the entire team will have the height advantage and as a result better lines of sight on the enemy. Valkyrie can secure high ground positions, but also offers a bit of area denial because of her missiles.

B Tier Legends - Totally Average

In B tier we have the bulk of the characters: Rampart, Fuse, Revenant, Loba, Caustic and Wraith. Rampart and Caustic are both stronger in Arena than they are in Battle Royale because of their ability to lock an area down and pressure the enemy from a safe location. Loba's black market ability allows her to steal all the healing items on the map without leaving cover, giving her team a huge health advantage. Between his knuckle clusters and grenades, Fuse has arguably the best area denial in Arenas, but unfortunately all of that equipment runs up quite a tab. Wraith's portal is incredible in Battle Royale because it provides the team a safe rotate regardless of how many teams have a line of sight on them, but this isn't as important in Arena where you only have to worry about one enemy team. Revenant's death protection totem isn't bad in Arena, but it is much easier to counter-play due to the smaller size of the map.

C Tier Legends - Limited Use in Arena

C tier is made up of Bangalore, Mirage, Crypto and Wattson. Bangalore's smoke launcher can cut enemies' line of sight short and provide cover to teammates gathering materials, but it is also easily counter-played by spending a little extra money and opting for a digital threat detection sight that will highlight legends through the smoke. Crypto struggles in Arena for much of the same reason he does in Battle Royale. As it stands, he cannot provide his team with information and deal damage at the same time. Wattson's fences and interception pylon are good for counter-playing specific legend abilities, but their uses in Arena are limited at best. Mirage doesn't provide much utility to a team in either Arena or battle royale, but let's be honest, that's not why most people play him. It just feels so rewarding to bamboozle the enemy.