Apex Legends Legend Tier List September 2021

Seer in Apex Legends
Seer in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

What is the Apex Legends legend tier list for September 2021?

Season 10 saw the release of a new legend, Seer, and brought a good deal of balance changes to older legends. Fuse, Horizon and Caustic all received some decent buffs and Revenant had visual changes made to his ultimate. The legends in this tier list are in no specific order within their own tier.

Apex Legends Legend Tier List September 2021

S Tier Legends - Always Useful on Any Team

S tier has only two legends in it: Seer and Gibraltar. Seer's kit allows him to know more about enemy locations than any other character in the game. He can use his abilities to gather information while pushing into a team or to intimidate enemies and force them to stop and rethink a charge. Gibraltar's bubble shield is the only ability in the game that can guarantee your team will take no damage from any source, including airstrikes. A lot of the competitive meta revolves around Gibraltar and his ability to play around his bubble shield.

A Tier Legends - Never a Bad Pick

In A tier we have Wraith, Bloodhound, Octane, Valkyrie and Pathfinder. Wraith is one of the best characters in the game for rotating your team to a new position without taking damage. Her portal will move the entire team anywhere she places it and makes the team invulnerable while taking it. Octane also provides the team with a rotate in the form of his launch pad, but be careful using it to rush enemies as you're an easy target in the air. Bloodhound provides the team with a great deal of information, but currently is being outshined by Seer. Valkyrie is a good all-around character. She's useful for both rotates and area denial. Pathfinder's grappling hook is arguably the best movement ability in the game, but his zipline can leave the team open to fire as they rotate.

B Tier Legends - Good Legends, but Not the Best

The B tier legends are Horizon, Revenant, Bangalore, Loba and Caustic. Horizon's gravity lift can give the team a quick and easy way to gain the high-ground advantage, but doesn't provide much in terms of distance. In areas that have a good deal of verticality she's a fantastic choice, but be wary of wide open areas where the team could be exposed in the air. Revenant can silence enemies and strip them of their abilities, making them easy targets. Bangalore is perhaps the most evenly balanced character of the roster. Loba will guarantee that your team has all the loot they desire. Caustic makes it difficult for other teams to push into yours, but provides next to nothing when going on the offensive.

C Tier Legends - Could Use a Buff

C Tier includes Lifeline, Fuse, Rampart and Wattson. Lifeline is the only character who can continue fighting while reviving a teammate, but doesn't provide too much to the team outside of that. Fuse is easily one of the most fun characters to play, but his reliance on grenades means players have to carry less ammo or healing. Rampart is excellent at locking an area down, but in a Battle Royale game players will inevitably have to move from the safety of her barricades. Wattson struggles with the same dilemma as Rampart.

D Tier Legends - Absolutely Need a Buff

In D tier we have Mirage and Crypto. Mirage doesn't provide anything to the team other than confusion and a small amount of information. Crypto is held back by the fact that he can't provide his team information and engage in a fight at the same time. Though, there have been fan made reworks that would allow Crypto to do just that.