Apex Legends Player Earns Three Packs of Heirloom Shards in 30 Packs

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Buzxii

An Apex Legends player posted a video on Twitter showing them earning three packs of heirloom shards. Most players understand the absurdity of this happening because there are members of the community who have yet to earn their own heirloom. Players that have played since launch have still not earned one meaning this might be the luckiest player in the game.

Granted, it does feel like a steep climb for the community, but with the new level cap increase, players can unlock an heirloom by simply hitting the level cap. That's to say, hitting level 2000 which may take a long time.

Respawn has stated that players will automatically earn a heirloom by their 500th Apex pack if they haven't earned one before that. So this player earned three heirlooms in the matter of 30 minutes while it may take players years to earn just one.

Clearly, the system is broken and one of the worst loot systems out there. Heirlooms should feel special, but the fact there are players without one after years of playing seems off.

Most likely Respawn Entertainment is too busy trying to fix bugs and glitches like the Loot Bin trap and won't focus on drop rates for some time.