Apex Legends Statistics for Damage Per Mag in Season 7

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have always discussed the balance of each weapon in the game, just like every BR fanbase does, and nothing is different in Season 7: Ascension. Different statistics have come to show how guns across different classes stack up against one another. Now, we've been given some insightful statistics that show us how much damage each gun carries per mag.

With this new data, we're able to take a look at the weapons in Season 7 after they had their adjustments from Season 6. Among the top weapons, there is really no surprise, with the care-package-only weapons being some of the strongest, along with the Volt, R-99, and the Devotion.

All of this information is brought to us by u/TheRozb on Reddit, who also created image displays on Damage per second, and Damage per Stack of Ammo. But the most insightful is thought to be the damage per mag. It's easiest to understand because you know if you hit every shot how much damage you'll be dealing with your opponent. You can see u/TheRozb 's image below.

Photo Courtesy of u/TheRozb

Another weapon that has the highest damage per mag with all upgrades is the spitfire. This doesn't come as a shock to many because of the large mag the LMG holds, but it does come with some significant recoil, which will lead to missed shots. However, if you can get the other attachments to account for that recoil you can wipe a squad without a reload.

Another significant standout is the Mastiff, dealing more damage than any other shotgun. This may come as a shock to those that are Peacekeeper fans as many have thought of it as the best option among all shotguns.

Overall this is a useful graphic if you've been trying to decide between guns. It's also great if you're just getting started on Apex Legends as well. But keep in mind there are other attachments that can factor into how effective your gun is, and reload time is also a factor when in the midst of a fight. So take this with a grain of salt before making your final decision on your main weapon as Season 7 of Apex Legends comes to an end.