Arcane League of Legends Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Arcane, Riot Games' hit Netflix show, was released on Nov. 6, 2021 and quickly became one of the year's most popular shows. Arcane is Riot Games' League of Legends animated show that tells the story of some of the most iconic champions in the game. Season 1 ended on Nov. 20, 2021 with the teaser for Season 2 following shortly after. Here's what we know so far about Season 2 of Arcane.

Arcane tells the origin story of sisters Vi and Jinx, and takes place in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun. Arcane goes into the backstories of several League of Legends champions, including Jayce and Cailtyn, and dives into the history of arcane magic.

Arcane League of Legends Season 2 Release Date: What's Known

Spoilers ahead.

Nicolo Laurent, the CEO of Riot Games, announced on Twitter that Season 1 of Arcane took six years to make. The good news is fans won't have to wait that long for Season 2 to come out as it is currently in production. However, Laurent revealed that Season 2 unfortunately won't be coming out in 2022. Fans predict, and hope, that Season 2 will be released sometime in 2023.

Arcane Season 2 Cast List

The official cast list of Season 2 has not been released, but it's speculated that every character's voice actor will remain the same. The main cast list of Season 1 was as follows:

  • Hailee Steinfeld: Vi
  • Ella Purnell: Jinx
  • Kevin Alejandro: Jayce Talis
  • Katie Leung: Caitlyn Kiramman
  • Harry Lloyd: Viktor
  • Reed Shannon: Ekko

However, fans have been wondering how involved Jason Spisak, the voice of Silco will be as his character was killed off in the final episode of Arcane. Viewers are waiting to see the extent of Spisak's involvement in Season 2.

Arcane Season 2 Plot

No official news of the plot of Arcane Season 2 has been released yet. However, episode nine of the show ended with Jayce asking the Council to allow Zaun its own independence. The vote is soon passed and in that moment, Jinx is seen traumatized from launching a rocket which kills Silco. Season 2 will most likely pick up from this scene or perhaps, Jinx running away with Vi searching for her.

Arcane Season 2 Spoilers

Unfortunately, Riot has not revealed too much about Arcane's next season. However, fans have naturally been predicting what might feature in the next season. Fans theorize that Vander's backstory and involvement with Singed will be shown. There's currently a theory that Warwick from League of Legends is Vander. Others predict that more League of Legends champions, along with new faces, will be introduced in Season 2.