Is Arena Coming Back to Apex Legends?

Arenas will likely never come back to Apex Legends
Arenas will likely never come back to Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment

As new content continues to drop throughout Apex Legends: Resurrection, Arenas' future hangs in the balance.

Revenant Reborn, a rework of Revenant, launched in Apex Legends Season 18 with new abilities and an Heirloom available in the Death Dynasty Collection Event. Recent leaks even claim the Legend will receive a Prestige Skin by the end of October 2023.

Although the latest update mostly focuses on the reworked Legend, a few gameplay changes have improved Ranked, and a handful of weapon buffs and nerfs were handed out at launch, including a Charge Rifle rework. The new season lacked any major advances in the game modes department, though, leaving fans wondering if Respawn Entertainment will ever bring back Arenas to the rotation.

Here's everything we know about Arenas' fate in Apex Legends Season 18.

Arenas Isn't Coming Back to Apex Legends Anytime Soon

Arenas isn't coming back to Apex Legends anytime soon, especially not in Season 18. The short-lived mode debuted in Apex Legends Season 9 but never truly caught on. In fact, by Season 15, 63% of players still had not finished their placement matches in Ranked Arenas.

Arenas consisted of 3v3 matches that saw teams competing throughout multiple rounds without any other opponents present. A team could only win an Arenas match by winning three rounds and leading the opposing team by at least two points.

Why Was Arenas Removed from Apex Legends?

Arenas was removed from Apex Legends because the mode was simply not a great way to warm up for Battle Royale. The matches were almost as sweaty and fast paced as Battle Royale matches, leaving players without a great practice mode.

With the removal of Arenas, Respawn Entertainment introduced Mixtape in Season 16, a rotating playlist of Control, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Run. All three modes encourage a more relaxed play style that is perfect for warming up before a Ranked Battle Royale match.

Players can earn Double XP by playing the Mixtape playlist from Aug. 15-22 as the Death Dynasty Collection Event comes to a close.