Average KD in Apex Legends: What's a Good Kill/Death Ratio?

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Confused about where your kill-death ratio should be in Apex Legends? Don't worry, we've got the breakdown you need.

Countless gamers have competed in Apex Legends over the years and the game's popularity is not coming to an end anytime soon. Players looking to get into the competitive scene might be wondering what it takes to get to the top of leaderboards. Usually, the marks of an elite player are their high kill-death ratio. This stat showcases their destructive capabilities in matches and can serve as a benchmark for others looking to reach that level of efficiency in the game.

Average KD in Apex Legends: What's a Good Kill/Death Ratio?

To know what a good kill-death ratio is, players must first understand what this statistic means. A player kill-death ratio is calculated by the number of opponents eliminated and how many times the player themselves has been eliminated.

Although there are no official numbers in terms of average kill-death ratios, a ratio of 1.0 is seen as average in most multiplayer games. This ratio would mean that for every elimination a person records, a death of theirs is also recorded. The more kills per death a gamer can achieve, the higher their kill-death ratio can rise.

Aspiring champions that want to achieve a high kill-death ratio just need to make sure that they're getting more eliminations as opposed to being eliminated. This may seem daunting, but by investing time in practicing and improving your abilities your ratio should rise and hopefully reach elite status.

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