Best Shotgun in Warzone: Shotgun Tier List

The Model 680 in Call of Duty: Warzone.
The Model 680 in Call of Duty: Warzone. / Photo by Max Mallow

Best shotgun in Warzone is pretty indicative of how the weapons operate in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's traditional multiplayer.

Warzone, a free-to-play Call of Duty battle royale set in Modern Warfare, released March 10 and it's quickly become one of the most popular titles in the genre. As with new battle royale releases, players want to know what the best guns in each class are so they can use them.

It's even more important in Warzone since players can build a Call of Duty multiplayer-like class as a loadout to be acquired during a game.

Best Shotgun in Warzone: Shotgun Tier List

Shotguns, a fan-favorite weapon type in the series, remain popular in Warzone particularly the Gulag. Here are the best shotguns in Warzone broken down into tiers:

S Tier

  • 725 - Fans can relate to how overpowered this shotgun is in not only Warzone, but multiplayer as well. Despite being nerfed, the gun still causes rage-inducing moments. The 725 suffers from only having two shots available before having to reload, but if both shots hit it's usually guaranteed kill.
  • Origin 12 - This semi-automatic shotgun is great at shelling out tons of damage up close. It'll cause damage in the early game if players can get the jump on enemies who scavenging for loot.

B Tier

  • Model 860 - This pump action shotgun packs a punch, but suffers from a low fire rate. Don't pass up on one early, but look to drop it for better weaponry as the game transpires.
  • R9-0 - The R9-0 is a unique shotgun in the Modern Warfare universe. It provides two shots before players have to re-chamber rounds. It's a frequently spawned weapon in Warzone crates and the Gulag.
  • VLK Rogue - The VLK Rogue is a new shotgun during Modern Warfare Season Two requiring players to complete a challenge to unlock it. It doesn't have the same damage as other shotguns in the class, so don't stress out unlocking it right away unless you're a collector.

Keep in mind that shotguns will always suffer in medium and long range fights simply because of the weapon type. Only use them in certain situations that optimize close range fights in your favor.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is now available free-to-play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.