Did Monty Kill Bonnie in FNAF?

The Next Chapter in Fear
The Next Chapter in Fear / Photo via Scott Cawthon / Steam

The newest iteration of the Five Night's at Freddy's series has just dropped, and many players are wondering... where's Bonnie?

The character has stuck around the series in one way or another in most of the mainline games, but he seems to be missing from Security Breach.

Where is Bonnie in FNAF: Security Breach?

While Scott Cawthon hasn't confirmed anything, notes found within the game seem to hint that the animatronic has been decommissioned, meaning he's no longer in use.

Popular characters such as Freddy Fazbear have lines about Bonnie when brought to specific parts of the pizzeria.

For example, in the Bonnie Bowling area, he says, "I do not come up here anymore. I miss him." as shown in the tweet below.

Another line about Bonnie can be found when Glamrock Freddy says to the player, "...There is no rabbit at the Mega Pizzaplex... Not anymore."

Did Monty Kill Bonnie in FNAF?

Fans of the series are speculating, despite the in-game notes, because nothing currently included within the game confirms anything.

According to in-game notes, Bonnie was last seen in Monty's Mini-Golf. Due to this, fans are beginning to theorize that Monty may have killed Bonnie to become the pizzeria's new bassist.

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