Dragonite VSTAR Pokémon GO Price

Image courtesy of The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon GO TCG cards are finally available in stores and online for fans to purchase or redeem. There was a lot of hype around this release, with new VSTAR, VMAX, brand new Rainbow Rares entering the circulation of cards with a special Pokémon GO theme.

Among many of the most anticipated releases was Dragonite VMAX, a powerful card boasting 280 HP, and the move Giga Impact, dealing 250 damage but forcing Dragonite to rest the next turn. It got a lot of interest online, with pre-order sales being listed at $99 just for the card on TCG Player. However, now that the card has released, things have changed a bit.

Here's everything you need to know about the current price of the brand new Dragonite VMAX card.

Dragonite VSTAR Pokémon GO Price

Dragonite VSTAR has immediately plummeted in price on release of the promo, down from $99 pre-order prices, to $4 (plus $0.99 shipping) on TCG Player, and $5.87 on Pokémon Wizard at the time of writing.

This over 90% drop in price comes on the very first day of the Pokémon GO's TCG promo release, indicating that although it is a powerful and perhaps uncommon card to find, its not necessarily super rare. Additionally, $4 is still rather expensive for a single Pokémon Card, with other ones that are a part of the same promo being as low as $0.15.

Additionally, day one of a promotion is likely one of the highest supply times of a card's life cycle, so the card will only get rarer and harder to find as time goes on.