Fall Guys July 14, 15 Updates: Full Patch Notes Detailed

Here's a breakdown of the July 14 patch notes for Fall Guys Season 1.
Here's a breakdown of the July 14 patch notes for Fall Guys Season 1. / Image courtesy of Mediatonic

Mediatonic has released its latest update for Fall Guys in Season 1, fixing several bugs and bringing a number of improvements to the popular, free-to-play obstacle course battle royale.

With the Fall Guys buzz continuing to journey on with plenty of collaborations and in-game events in recent weeks, it appears Mediatonic aims to keep the game running smoothly. Here's a breakdown of the July 14 patch notes for Fall Guys Season 1, per Mediatonic.

Fall Guys Season 1 July 14 Patch Notes

Here are the official adjustments Mediatonic has made in this patch:

  • Improvements to an exploit on Volleyfall where players could bounce the ball on their own side of the court indefinitely
  • Players can no longer get on another team's track in Rock and Roll
  • Fixed an issue where players are shown messaging that their "rewards will be forfeited" on Squads when trying to exit the game after elimination
  • Swirly Sleeves pattern is back in inventories
  • Players will no longer clip through the floor by the Jump Ropes in The Swiveller
  • Improvements to camera controls on Volleyfall

Shortly after the July 14 patch went out Thursday, Mediatonic tweeted that Hex-a-Ring is experiencing issues, with players seemingly not erasing tiles and other tiles going invisible.

As such, while they're working on a fix, Hex-a-Ring has been pulled from the Idol Games in exchange for Blast Ball Trials.

Fall Guys Season 1 July 15 Patch Notes

Friday morning, Mediatonic announced the following adjustments have also been made:

  • Daily Hex-a-Ring Challenge removed
  • Airtime, Pipe Dream and Bubble Trouble removed from Solo Show
  • Rock and Roll, The Swiveller and Volleyfall removed from Squads and Duos
  • Improvements to unbalanced team games in Squads and Duos

Fall Guys Accidental Purchase Glitch

Lastly, in wake of a glitch notoriously forcing players to buy certain items in-game, it appears Mediatonic will be taking the following measures:

  • Improving the store design to prevent the glitch
  • All refund requests for cosmetics from June 21, 2022, will be honored until the store is improved
  • All players will be gifted the Grandis Upper Body customization option